Report: Instagram is the Worst App for Young People’s Mental Health

A report titled #StatusOfMind was done by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH). They surveyed 1,500 young people about social media. Of the five social media platforms that were included in the survey, Instagram was found to have the worst effect on young people’s mental health. The #StatusOfMind report examined both the positive, and the negative, effects that social media has on young people’s health. The report included Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat. The report asked 1,500 young people, who were between the ages of 14 and 24 to rank what extent different social media platforms impacted certain … Continue reading

Don’t Sabotage Your Efforts

Have you been struggling with keeping your New Year’s resolutions?  There could be things you are doing or not doing that will sabotage all of your efforts, not only in the way of losing motivation but getting injured. Let’s consider some of the ways this can happen.  One way is by jumping too quickly into a fitness routine that your body isn’t ready for. I can’t help but chuckle as my husband and I discussed his ability (or should I say inability) to handle an insanity workout.  We were watching an infomercial and both of us agreed that the movements … Continue reading

Freebies for Beechnut, Bath and Body Works, Centrum, and More!

Everybody loves a good freebie! What could be nicer than a little something that you can try for free? It’s a great way to see if you like a particular product before you invest any money into it. Freebies are fun. This time, I found freebies for baby food, a mousepad, a photo with Santa, and more! Beechnut is giving away a free Beech-Net Stage 4/Stage 5 Toddler Welcome Kit. To get this freebie, you need to sign up for their free monthly eNewsletter. Fill out the form on their website. This is being offered “while supplies last”. Nature’s Formula … Continue reading

Freebies from Twinings, Bath and Body Works, Perkins, and More!

Freebies are fabulous! One of the best things about freebies is that you get a little something without having to spend money on it. Freebies are a great way to try out a new product that you are interested in without having to make it fit into your budget. Here are some freebies that you can go get right now! Twinings is giving away 3 free samples of their teas. To get this freebie, select three of their teas that “suit your fancy”. Fill out the form on their website. They will mail you the tea samples that you requested. … Continue reading

My Struggles with My Body and My Self-Image

I have a confession to make…I absolutely hate to have my picture taken. So I will avoid it at all costs. In fact, every time I am tagged in a photo on Facebook, I immediately untag it. I don’t appreciate being put out there without permission. Okay, that’s not really what it’s all about. It is my inability to accept my body image. Because of my extreme disliking to having my photo taken, I have bypassed two opportunities in the past several years for my family to receive a free 8×10 portrait, compliments of the church I attend. You see, … Continue reading

Making Paper Dolls: Vintage, Modern, and Invented!

Paper dolls are a lovely way to celebrate a rainy day! With a book or a stash of paper dolls and their clothes, small children can have hours of fun doing pretend play and making clothes and houses for their dolls. Since paper dolls and doll books are very much a part of centuries gone by, sometimes they can be difficult to find in stores. Look online or explore these paper doll books. Where can you find paper dolls? Paper dolls can be found in the oddest of places! Check the library to see if there are books of paper … Continue reading

Bath & Body Works Has a Sale Called “Hello, Yellow”

January is the best month to stock up on things you need for the home. It seems like all the stores are having sales to clear out things left over from Christmas, and to reduce the stock from last season. Now is the time for shoppers to take advantage of these great deals! One good place to start is with Bath & Body Works. Their “Hello, Yellow!” sale is going on right now. Some of the items included in the “Hello, Yellow!” sale are up to 75% off the original price. You can shop this sale either through the Bed … Continue reading

PETA Makes Peace with Beyonce and Mariah Makes Peace with Her Body

Animal rights group People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) has struck again. But this time the overzealous group isn’t targeting its favorite celebrity, Britney Spears; rather the group is going after another pop diva—-Beyonce Knowles. Only it’s not what you think. PETA has decided to make peace with the singing sensation claiming the entertainer has ended her love affair with fur. According to PETA, Beyonce once sat at the top of the group’s “hit list” because of her frequent use of fur products, including a collection of fur coats and fur-lined boots. PETA’s attack on the singer made … Continue reading

Is Obesity Contagious?

Okay. You can’t “catch” obesity like you catch a cold. But obesity can spread like a disease through social networks, according to research from Harvard University. The Harvard study found that if a close friend gains an unhealthy amount of weight, your chances of packing on the pounds increase by more than fifty percent. If you and your overweight friend are the same gender, your chance of gaining an unhealthy amount of weight is more than seventy percent. Why? Because being around heavyset people might stretch your perception of what is appropriate in terms of body size. It isn’t a … Continue reading

HTML Cheat Sheet: Basic Tags

Need a quick reference for basic HTML codes? Look now further, it is all here. Whether you are new to HTML or have been an old pro for a while, having a handy reference sheet on basic HTML commands can be invaluable. HTML can be used in so many ways. Even if you aren’t planning on hand coding your own website, knowing what all of the funny letters in the greater tan and less then signs are can really help with your blog, for example. Those less than and greater than signs, and what is in them, are called tags. … Continue reading