Mama’s Got The Bedtime Blues

Many parents of toddlers have trouble with bedtime. Bedtime battles come and go throughout toddlerhood, and it can be the most trying time of day. By a certain time in the evening, you are ready for your toddler to go to bed – especially if he or she did not take a nap earlier in the day. Dylan has been pretty good about bedtime for the last month or so. I start to set the stage for bedtime by having dinner on the table by seven each night – or as close to seven as possible. If Dylan did not … Continue reading

Where Is My Crystal Ball

What would you have done differently if you had known your marriage was only temporary and you would be a single mother? I would never trade Hailey and the joy she brings me, but I would have done things differently had I known. First I would have prepared better. I would have saved more money. I would have gotten a better education. I would have learned how to do simple home and auto repairs. So many things I should have done and learned to be prepared for single parenthood. I would like to say I would have chosen a different … Continue reading

Different Stages Of Parenting

It’s amazing how our role as parents change in ways we could have never predicted. When my daughter was born I was full of sunshine and lollipops. This was the best, smartest, most beautiful baby ever! My baby would never throw a temper tantrum or disobey; she would always be reasonable and willing to listen to Mommy and Daddy because we know best. We were going to be best friends, my baby girl and I, always doing things together, painting our nails, talking, baking, decorating the Christmas tree, pure bliss I tell you. Those first few months, when really, she … Continue reading

Reading the Stageplay

I’ve always been an entertaining kind of guy. Some have interchanged “entertaining” with “annoying” but you get my point. It’s probably why I got into music, magic, juggling, and eventually theatre. I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh, smile, and generally enjoy themselves. A few years ago I was fortunate to be in yet another play portraying yet another character. This particular character had a higher voice than my own, a bizarre way of putting often surprising words together, and an even stranger accent. All of this was rolled up into a character in (you guessed it) a comedy. The comedy, … Continue reading

I Could Never Return The Call to The Underwriter Lost on 9 11

I was late to the office on the morning of September 11, 2001. Living on the west coast we woke to the news of the terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center, by the time I was sipping my coffee the news of the Pentagon and Flight 93 caused an uneasy feeling that more attacks might come to LA or some other place on the west coast. Most of us were late that morning. Knowing people we worked with on a daily basis were in the towers we saw crash to ruins live on the morning news. We had business … Continue reading

The Prom–Part Three–Staging

After three plus weeks of fuss and planning, tonight is the night. The prom has finally arrived. We’ve had dress drama and date drama and all sorts of drama in between. I’ve got the alterations made and today is dedicated to pedicures and manicures and hair dos. Somehow, our house has become the “staging area” and I will not be the only parent sitting here tonight with camera and hair spray in hand. Would it be cold-hearted and un-motherly of me to admit that I’m looking forward to having this year’s prom be over? I really can’t complain–my daughter has … Continue reading

September 11: In Honor of the Fallen and Those Who Defend Us

          Let’s take a moment today to remember every person that passed on that fateful Tuesday, September 11, 2001. From those who lost their lives in the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and United 93, to the first responders and the last responders, the latter of which are of course the men and women of our military. God bless those who fight to defend our rights and our way of life. And, lets not forget the families of those who have been lost as well as the families who currently have loved ones … Continue reading

The Negotiator — Dee Henderson

The O’Malleys are an unusual family. Most of us get our brothers and sisters through chance or fate, whatever you like to call it; the O’Malleys are brothers and sisters by choice. Orphaned and left in Trevor House to be raised by the government, Kate, Marcus, Jennifer, Lisa, Rachel, Stephen and Jack made a pact: wherever they went in their lives, they would be there for each other. Seven children, once strangers, became one through their common suffering and their determination that they would never be alone again. When they reached adulthood, they all legally changed their last name to … Continue reading

My Day on the World Stage

In 1993 the opportunity arrived for me to shut up or put up. There was a woman by the name, or rather using the name, of Deborah Laake. She’d written a book called “Secret Ceremonies: Diary of a Mormon Wife” – a work of pure and sad delusion. This poor woman, if she told the complete truth, was at the mercy of a father who took unrighteous dominion to new levels. Whatever the perceived truth, she became extremely disenchanted with the church and proceeded to betray every covenant she’d half-heartedly made with the Lord. Where do I come in? Well, … Continue reading

Prince is back – Hallelujah!

I love Prince. I have always loved Prince. He is, in my opinion, one of the best songwriters and musicians of my generation. There is nothing funkier than “Kiss,” nothing sassier than “Little Red Corvette,” nothing sexier than “The Beautiful Ones,” nothing nastier than “Darling Nikki,” and nothing more heartfelt than “Nothing Compares 2 U”. For those of you that do not know, Prince wrote “Nothing Compares 2 U” although it was a hit for Sinead O’Connor. I remember being a sophomore in college and going to see Purple Rain. The movie was a bit hokey, but the soundtrack – … Continue reading