Protecting Preschoolers from Choking

Dealing with a picky preschooler at the dinner table may be the least of your concerns, according to a new study.  Instead of stressing about your child’s refusal to eat his veggies, researchers warn parents that they should be carefully monitoring four year olds while they chow down on classic kid favorites, like hot dogs, as the number of choking incidents among preschool-aged children is dangerously high. Researchers say a staggering 34 children a day are admitted to hospital emergency rooms due to choking.  That translates to more than 12,000 emergency room visits a year, though the study’s author notes … Continue reading

Quick Facts About Homeschooling

Have you ever wondered about the statistics that relate to homeschooling? How many kids are homeschooled? How well do kids that were homeschooled do in comparison to kids who attended public school? You may be surprised by what these quick facts about homeschooling show! For many families, the decision to homeschool their children is one that they feel is a calling. These parents are not going to change their mind no matter what. Other families choose to homeschool because they are dissatisfied with their local public school (and cannot afford to send their kids to private school). There are also … Continue reading

The Controversy Over School Vouchers in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker created a proposal to make a school choice voucher program for students who have special needs. A group called Stop Special Needs Vouchers is protesting against the proposal. The group, which includes parents, feel that the plan would end up making it harder for students who have special needs to get the support they require at public schools. A school voucher is a controversial topic for many reasons. There is potential for people to object to the system that is used to determine whether or not a child qualifies for a voucher, to object to … Continue reading

Is Preschool Necessary?

In short no, preschool it is not necessary.  Parents are rightly concerned about preparing their children for the future.  However, instruction and teachers are not necessarily the answer.  Young children are naturally curious and interested in exploration.  It helps develop them as a person and how they see the world around them.  A child needs the ability to stretch her legs and run free to absorb the world around her.  Instruction while sitting in a classroom causes a child to focus only on vanilla surroundings and one way of solving a problem. In addition to classroom instruction muting creativity and … Continue reading

Preschool Book: Bear Country Blessings

Book:  The Berenstain Bears:  Bear Country Blessings Author:   Jan & Mike Berenstain Ages:  Recommended for ages 4 and up. Type:  Hardcover, 96 pages Price:  $7.99 Book Synopsis: This three-book collection of the highly popular Berenstain Bears Living Lights stories will provide children with an ideal gift they will enjoy all year long. The biblical values, morals, and life lessons are invaluable for children throughout every stage of their lives. Titles include: The Berenstain Bears God Bless Our Home The Berenstain Bears All Things Bright and Beautiful The Berenstain Bears Get Involved About the Author: Stan and Jan Berenstain introduced … Continue reading

High-Tech Tool to Keep Trick-or-Treaters Safe

Long before Colorado authorities discovered the mutilated remains of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway in an open field, and New Jersey investigators found 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale’s body dumped in a recycling container, I never considered allowing my 8-year-old daughter to trick-or-treat alone… or even with a group of friends. In Jessica’s case, she was snatched earlier this month while making the 1,000-foot walk to her school. Late Tuesday, 17-year-old Austin Reed Sigg was arrested and charged with her horrific death. Meanwhile, in New Jersey, police recently arrested 15-year-old Justin Robinson and his 17-year-old brother for allegedly murdering Autumn in order to obtain … Continue reading

Back-to-School Celebrations

Are back-to-school parties more for the parents or the kids? After all, I don’t know many children who joyfully celebrate the end of summer and their subsequent freedom to stay up late, sleep in, and hang out at the pool, park or beach all day. Still, the long Labor Day weekend begets partying whether your child is in the mood or not. Whether you choose to host a back-to-school theme or a more subdued late-summer event, consider taking advantage of the ability to celebrate outdoors as Old Man Winter will be here before you know it. Back-to-school shindigs don’t have … Continue reading

My High School Graduate

I am now officially the mother of a high school graduate. It is hard to describe that feeling of watching your son walk across the stage to accept their diploma. A chapter in his life has closed and a new one begins. The past few days I have been doing a lot of reminiscing in my mind. I can still clearly remember the day we brought him home from the hospital. My husband and I couldn’t get enough of him. We took hundreds of pictures and videos. Try to explain to your third child why there are so few of … Continue reading

Preschool Fitness

Children have enough energy for an army so we rarely think about focusing on a fitness routine. Yet, with the world becoming more sedentary, a rise in childhood obesity, and an increase in fast food and processed food consumption, preschool fitness is a concern. Even children as young as four years old are sitting far too long watching TV, playing video games, and snacking on sugary, chemical filled, high fat foods. If this continues the rise in childhood obesity will continue to rise along with childhood diseases like type 2 diabetes. We cannot sit by and watch this happen as … Continue reading

Spring Break on the High Seas

Given the recent string of cruise line disasters, you’d think that you’d be able to snag a hefty money-saving offer by a major carrier right about now. Well, think again. I checked, and no luck. Cruising with my child is at the top of my bucket list and I figured I would dig around a bit to see if we could score a last-minute deal on a spring break sailing. While there are some deals out there, none of them coincide with my daughter’s break from school. What’s more, in most cases, flights to the cruise’s departure city cost more … Continue reading