Adventures in Peru

After my junior year of college I was required to spend at least four weeks on a foreign field in order to earn my degree in Missions. I had taken two semesters of Spanish and so I felt I was completely prepared to go to South America. Ha! I was 19 when I hugged my sister at the airport and took off for my adventure (I had my 20th birthday in Peru). I’m not sure I had any idea what I was getting myself into. I found a family through a mission board that lived in the village of Urubamba, … Continue reading

A Christian Mother’s Experience With the Baby Blues

After my first baby was born, I was a mess. I don’t think that what I experienced was true postpartum depression, but it definitely qualified as the “baby blues.” I remember pulling into the driveway when my husband and I came home from the hospital with our son. I felt a tightness in my chest and my eyes were stinging with tears. How in the world was I going to do this? What did I really know about babies? When would I get sleep? Just reminiscing about it now I can feel all of those emotions flooding back to me. … Continue reading

Week in Review: From the ABC’s to Mom’s Law

The ABC’s of Family Bliss discussed several different attitudes and actions we can implement in our homes to provide a more loving, Christ-centered environment. Tips included things such as: Never nag, be joyful, listen without needing to comment, perceive the needs of each member of your family, and encourage your family members to serve each other. Leading a Child to Christ in 4 Steps laid out ideas on how to carefully and effectively bring a child to Jesus. You must show the child the plan of salvation from the Bible. Explain the verses and ask questions. If the child is … Continue reading

Tithing: Does God Really Expect Me to Give Ten Percent?

My husband was sitting with a coworker, Kevin, discussing faith. Kevin was an atheist who borrowed concepts from several world religions, my husband, Josh, a committed Christian. Kevin said something like, “Did you know the Bible teaches that Christians should give ten percent of what they make to their church? Can you imagine what would happen if people actually did that?” He was incredulous. “Yes, I can believe it,” Josh replied, “Our family tithes.” It’s interesting to contemplate a non-Christian’s view of giving such a substantial amount of money to a church. What becomes discouraging is realizing that a very … Continue reading