Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants outside the uterus. In 95% of ectopic pregnancies, the egg implants in one of the fallopian tubes. For this reason, the condition is sometimes called a tubal pregnancy. The other 5% generally attach to the abdomen, ovary or cervix. The causes of ectopic pregnancy include: * Infection in the tubes * Inflammation in the tubes * Scar tissue * Endometriosis * Pelvic Inflammatory Disease The early symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are similar to the normal symptoms of pregnancy. These include nausea, sore breasts, a missed period and frequent urination. Other … Continue reading

Mental Health Week in Review: October 9-16

We certainly got people talking in response to the article Does Your Partner Look Like Your Opposite Sex Parent? While researchers at the University of Pecs in Hungary were busy finding statistically significant links between the similarities in appearance between your father and your partner if you are a female, and alternatively, your mother and your female partner if you are a male, readers at Families were conducting their own anecdotal experiments! Thanks to all contributors, both public and private. It seems that, in general, we are mortified to think that we have chosen someone who might possibly look like … Continue reading