Homeschool Curriculum Glossary (U.S. History -Usborne)

U.S History through Children’s Literature is a unit study approach to history. With the help of readers like “Light in the Forest”, “I Sailed with Columbus”, “Phoebe the Spy”, and numerous other books, U.S History through Children’s Literature guides the student through history while also immersing them in history. This is a unit study program for 4th – 8th graders. Uncle Eric Series teaches economics and political science by cleverly using models to illustrate points. According to Richard Maybury, author of the Uncle Eric Series, “Without good models, children have no way to know which facts are important and which … Continue reading

More Art “Stuff” from the Stick Figure Queen

In my last blog, I said I would talk about ideas for when you go to visit the art museum, and a few of my favorite things to teach art. A Few More Things I Like for Art I’ve already written a about some of my favorite picks for art and some suggestions for teaching. Of course, I think for every homeschooler, as our needs change or even just our course work, so do our ‘favorites’. Usborne Internet Linked Book of Art This book is definitely for the older child as it is more about art appreciation and viewing fine … Continue reading

Teaching Your Visual Learner

Do you have a child who thinks in images? They seem not to be able to follow instructions unless they can “see” what they’re supposed to do. They will frequently take information you give them and either write it down or draw pictures for it. They would likely give directions by drawing a map rather than writing it down. If this sounds familiar, you probably have a visual learner. Recognizing that your child learns best from information presented visually, is the easy part. What’s difficult is trying to figure out how to present things in a way that your child … Continue reading