Heart Sick: How Stress Destroys Health

Study after study shows that stress is a destroyer of health, causing disease and disability. The emotional toll of abuse is manifested in physical stress. Anger, guilt, and fear produce specific physiological reactions that wear down the body. Over time this stress produces physical symptoms that are impossible to ignore or medicate. These can include: – Digestive difficulties including ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome – Heartbeat irregularities – Chronic fatigue – Tightness of the chest – Difficulty breathing or hyperventilation – Muscle tension or shakiness – Headaches – Loss of appetite – Binge eating – Chronic illness such as colds … Continue reading

What Does Emotional Abuse Look Like?

In some ways, emotional abuse is the most common form of abuse. It comes from the mother who yells in frustration every time her son makes a mistake, “Why can’t you be more like your sister?” Or from the father who snorts in derision as he proclaims regularly to everyone who will listen, “The girl won’t amount to nothin’!” It comes from the husband who tells his wife, “You’re too stupid to get a job!” Over and over again, that pattern is repeated until the repetition obscures the severity. The son will think to himself, Mom always says that — … Continue reading

Who Would I Be?

This long holiday weekend I’ve been busy cleaning and decorating, which has given me lots of time to think. We all wonder when we get divorced if we are doing the right thing, if maybe we shouldn’t have stuck it out, at least for the kids. I can finally say that I did the right thing. My divorce was the best thing that has ever happened to me. As I look around my home, at my things, I can be proud that I worked to provide these things for my daughter. When I got divorced my ex husband got everything, … Continue reading

The Rose Colored Glasses Are Off

I’ve always believed that it’s important that my child has her father in her life. I’ve bent over backwards to make sure that happens. At times I’ve been so accommodating that my family and friends were questioning my sanity. A frequent thing I heard was “He would never do that for you, why would you do it for him.” I didn’t do it for him, I did it for my daughter, I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought that by remaining as friendly as possible with her father and protecting her as much as I could from … Continue reading

Loving an Angry Man

I’ll never forget a conversation I had with my husband early in our relationship regarding his anger issues. I was trying to ascertain whether or not he understood the impact his volatile temper had on his personal and professional life. When I realized that he didn’t necessarily consider his anger a negative attribute, I asked him, “How do you figure your temper helps you?” His answer was swift and decisive: “People are afraid of me, so they usually do what I want.” He was a little slower in answering my next question: “And how does it hurt you?” Like most … Continue reading

Giving up on your own child

Of course I understand that there are reasons why parents would willingly give up their rights to their children. People do it all the time when they put their babies up for adoption. My husband adopted our oldest child. I had her when I was young, her biological father was not ready to be a father, and he was all too happy to sign away his rights and allow someone else to take over that role. I don’t blame him for that; he was young too. I guess I always just assumed that this happened only with babies, though. Mothers … Continue reading

Ask a Marriage Blogger – What Causes of Divorce Have You Seen Personally?

As I mentioned earlier, a friend of mine is getting married and has questions about how to make her relationship as successful as possible. She gave me permission to share some of her questions, and my answers, with you. Q. What are some causes of divorce you’ve seen personally? A. Earlier today, we saw a list of causes that can apply to couples anywhere. The causes I have personally witnessed are subheadings of each of these causes. The first and most common cause I have witnessed is pornography. I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, … Continue reading

Three Ms You Don’t Want in Marriage

Yesterday we looked at some Ms to incorporate into marriage. Today I’ve got three Ms you definitely don’t want in your marriage Manipulative We’ve all seen then the wives who manipulate their husbands with tears and emotional blackmail and acts designed to get what they want. We see it in those who manipulate their spouse into doing what they want when they want it, using sex or whatever other means at their disposal to get their own way. Manipulative people often use tactics to make the other person feel guilty, if they don’t comply. They use silent treatment or lies … Continue reading

What Would You Not Forgive – Part 2?

Yesterday I told you of the discussion four of us had about what we would not forgive or would struggle to forgive. The other thing both of us the women in the group mentioned was domestic violence. I’d find it hard to live with a man who took out his frustration and anger on me in violent ways. You’d always be walking on eggshells wondering what next would set him off. I say he, because although abuse of husband by wives does happen, it is less common. With domestic violence there is often a pattern where the violent act is … Continue reading

Could Wives in Arranged Marriages be Happier?

We seldom hear any mention of arranged marriages in our society. Were someone try to make these arrangements for their child, it is very likely that some type of authority would be contacted for a form of abuse. However one study did find that women who are in arranged marriages are actually happier than women in marriages with men that they selected for themselves. The study found that women in an arranged married are much more realistic when it comes to dealing with romance and love and thus they can more enjoy the person that they are with. These women … Continue reading