Who Does Most of the Housework

Do you do the majority of the housework in your home? A recent study has reinforced what we all already know, women, including working mothers, do the majority of housework, cooking and childcare. Why are people surprised by this? Since the dawn of time women have been responsible for the majority of housework. The division seems to be, women take care of the inside of the house and men take care of the outside. As we raise our children we reinforce those roles. Little girls help fold the laundry and run the vacuum. Little boys help mow the lawn, fix … Continue reading

The Ups and Downs of Marriage

If you have been married for any length of time, you quickly come to realize that marriage has ups and downs. Sometimes the ups are more than the downs, but it can also be the other way. Or it may be that the downs seem to last longer. The important thing is that you accept the fact that it won’t always be sunshine and roses. Sometimes people go into marriage with a certain expectation and as soon as things get difficult, they start to question if they should stay. Sometimes they don’t even take the time to question it, they … Continue reading

Don’t Take It Out on Your Husband

Our family is a bit unique, in that my sister married my husband’s brother. So that means my sister is not only my sister but my sister-in-law. Confused? What this also means is that our families see each other a lot. We are so closely intertwined that it can be a blessing but it can also be a challenge. Take Thanksgiving…we have always had a rotation schedule. My sister and brother-in-law host Thanksgiving, while my family hosts Christmas. But this year, for reasons that don’t really matter, we are getting the task of hosting both. The pressure I feel in … Continue reading

Does Kate Middleton Have Jewish Heritage?

The internet is an excellent place for rumors, misunderstood facts, and flat out lies to spread exponentially. There have been some people questioning whether or not Kate Middleton had Jewish heritage. How much can you really determine from the surnames of a person’s ancestors? Kate Middleton is the woman whom Prince William married in a huge wedding ceremony earlier this year. She was a commoner, and her family didn’t have a coat of arms until shortly before the Royal Wedding was scheduled. After Prince William and Kate Middleton got married, the couple was given several new titles. She became Her … Continue reading

Why I Chose the Atkins Diet

There are tons of diets to choose from, if you are interested in losing some weight. After thinking things over, I decided to try the Atkins diet. My reasons for doing so may not match anyone else’s reasons for making the same choice. I have never been on a diet before in my entire life, so this will be an adventure. Why did I choose Atkins? The most obvious reason is because I wanted to lose some weight. My sister is getting married this year, and has asked me to be a bridesmaid. This is not something I have ever … Continue reading

Why Colonial Divorce Records Are Hard to Locate

Genealogy research can be as frustrating as it can be exhilarating. There are a lot of different websites that will help you find the birth record, or death record of your ancestors. However, trying to find the record that shows that your ancestors became divorced is another matter entirely. Part of the problem with finding divorce records is because in years past divorce was seen as a scandalous event, and so, it might be covered up. Another problem comes from how the original records of divorce were recorded. In the past couple of decades or so, divorce has ceased to … Continue reading

Do You Curse in Front of Your Kids?

How many times have you dropped the F-bomb in front of your children? Do you use the word S*%^ as an adjective? Think about it. I’m not referring to the time when you stepped on a handful of LEGOs with bare feet or took a header into the pavement when you were teaching your 5-year-old to ride without training wheels. I’m talking about regular use of curse words as part of your daily vocabulary. If you routinely use expletives in front of your kids without realizing it, then you might take note of a dad in Philly. A father in … Continue reading

Do I Really Need a Replacement Ring?

Earlier this year I wrote about how I broke my ring. As much as I hate looking at my naked ring finger (which always reminds me that it’s my own fault my diamond’s not perched there anymore), I realized this past Saturday I don’t want another ring. Looking at New Rings My heart hasn’t been in the shopping mood anyway, but while we were waiting for a table at Carrabba’s Saturday night, Wayne suggested we skip across the parking lot to Jared’s and see what kind of rings they had. “I really need to get you another ring. It’s been … Continue reading

Today’s “Why I Got Married, Why I Stay Single” Series – The Single Side of Things

Today continued their “Why I Got Married, Why I Stayed Single Series” this morning. This go around they examined why some people stay single. They interviewed single women for the introduction, but then they had Dr. Judith Sills, the clinical psychologist they had on yesterday’s show, as well as Amy Cohen, author of The Late Bloomer’s Revolution, on to talk with. Too Young to Be an Expert I immediately discounted Ms. Cohen. At first. I couldn’t understand how she could claim being an expert on being single and deciding to stay such when she didn’t look like she was even … Continue reading

Do Marriages Fail Because of a Self-Centered Society?

Many times it can be heard that marriages and life in general is not what it used to be. In most cases, it thought to be much worse. The purity, honesty, and goodness of life and relationships is not there. Many have tried to analyze exactly what it is that tears apart today’s marriages. There is now an increasingly number of marriages that do not work. More and more couples are separating and divorcing. Fewer and fewer children are beginning school with their biological parent still married. So what is it about our society that is no longer fostering a … Continue reading