A Baby Will Turn You Into Someone Different Than You’ve Ever Imagined

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My youngest sister has her first baby now. And, as a result, I think I have become her go-to person when she is wondering anything about motherhood. From breastfeeding, to “what’s that!”, to “should I worry?” questions, it has brought us a little closer as sisters. We are 8 years apart in age, but now it seems like now that she is a Mom, we have plenty to talk about.

I look at her reaction to things and smile now that I have have survived 3 newborns. She texted me the other day to let me know that she had accidentally snipped her baby’s finger while trying to trim her nails. And, she cried. Yep, that exact same scenario happened to me with my first baby. I remember it so vividly it seems like yesterday. Yet, it was almost 7 years ago.

I also read many books, joined online mommy message boards, questioned everything, looked up way too many things on WebMD, and stressed about every little hiccup and cough. This is normal. It is all about the molding and shaping of women that motherhood does to us. Now, I am far from being an empty nester. After all, I still have a 13 month old. But, motherhood gives you perspective everyday you tackle a new challenge.

Having a baby is the most life-changing experience. Having three (or more) is the craziest. With every illness, you become more able to handle it than you were before. With every temper tantrum, you become more patient. With every hug and kiss, and “I love you, Mom” you feel more loved. With every stage a baby, toddler, or grown child brings into your life, you become stronger.

There is almost something magical that happens to women as they become mothers. We grow in ways that we never thought possible. And, we love beyond what we thought was our capacity to love. We become someone different than we ever imagined we would be.


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