A Change in Ward Boundaries

There are times when your ward will split. This is a matter of growth in area. There are many reasons that they split or change the boundaries in the ward. While I was growing up it happened twice, and I was in three different wards without moving. As an adult I have watched the wards around me change boundaries as membership grew.

It can be difficult to deal with a ward boundary change. Sometimes they simply move a few families over to create a more balanced ward. When you are one of ten or twelve new families in an established ward it can be difficult to get to know everyone. If the ward is divided in half you may find that some of your closest friends are no longer part of your ward. This can make going to church feel a little bit lonely for the first little while.

When you are dealing with a boundary change you should go out of your way to be friendly. If you are new to the ward be sure to introduce yourself and give the other ward members a chance to learn your name. If there are several transplanted families at once it can take the other members a few months to sort everyone out. It is important to be patient. Be sure that you attend the ward activities and church every Sunday so that you have the opportunity to get to know people.

Just because you are in a different ward, it does not mean that you will lose contact with your old friends. You can still be friends. It may take a little bit more planning or action on your part to keep in touch, but good friendships will last no matter what ward you are in. You can also continue to build your children’s friendships by arranging play dates and other opportunities for the children to be together.

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