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A Disney Lover’s Valentine Treat

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I really didn’t think I’d have anything Disney-related to post about Valentine’s Day. I could report on the lists of special flower arrangements scattered around the Disney parks for the occasion, or perhaps I could find details on special Valentine’s menus offered at Disney restaurants. But honestly, neither of those things is enough for an article.

Despite the insinuation with which I opened today’s blog, I haven’t really found a strong topic connecting Disney and Valentine’s Day. What I did discover, however, is the plethora of Disney gift cards available at The Disney Store online. Guess what: there are currently 16 Valentine’s-themed Disney gift cards for sale.

If you’d asked me whether there’s a wealth of Valentine’s Day Disney products available, I’d scoff and say, of course. There are the countless children’s Valentine’s Day cards with Disney characters plastered across them, Mickey and Minnie dolls gussied up in red and hearts for the holiday, and any number of other small similar items.

I know what you’re thinking right now: here she goes again, somehow constantly floored by the what-ought-to-be-conceivable-by-now mountain of merchandise Disney produces. “Angela can’t believe Disney makes this” ought to be a families.com blog tag.

However, you won’t find any credulity around these parts today. I might not have been expecting to find so many Valentine’s Day-themed Disney gift cards available, but I’m hardly surprised. And (what seems like) for once, I like the idea.

In the case of these gift cards, Disney’s not marketing a brand new item for which there might not be much demand. I don’t know how much Disney gift cards sell, but the basic concept of gift cards is very popular and designing them around special holidays or occasions isn’t a new idea.

Obviously Disney takes the concept to the next level; offering 16 different designs for Valentine’s Day alone exemplifies the marketing hyperbole I’ve come to expect from Disney. Yet the part of me that frequently changes my desktop background and always loves to look at the designer checks or license plates even though I never actually fork over the cash for them appreciates the wide selection.

The Valentine’s Day gift cards feature famous Disney couples in romantic embraces. There are a handful with Mickey and Minnie, and they’re joined by many of the princesses with their beaus, Lady and the Tramp, and Hercules and Meg. In addition, Disney offers a couple cards that are sweet examples of platonic love, with Chip and Dale and Snow White and Bashful expressing their non-romantic attachment to one another.

For those who know Disney fanatics who’d love a gift card, and to whom the concept of different styles for any occasion appeals, you can purchase the cards at any Disney Store. An even wider variety is available on the Disney store website; with cards sold for most holidays/special occasions, by character, and by the intended recipient.

Disney gift cards are good for use at the Disney Store both online and at the actual shops, at the domestic Disney Parks, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, Club Penguin, and Disney’s PhotoPass.

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