A Love Letter to My Baby

I looked at you today as you stood all by yourself smiling from ear to ear and got a glimpse of the little boy you are becoming. I wanted to scream, “No! Not yet!” But, instead, I smiled with you to show you how proud I was that you were standing all on your own.

You fill my life with so much joy that it is hard to explain. Knowing that you are my last baby is hard on me sometimes, but more than anything, it helps me to savor each stage that you are in. Right now, you are such a delight. One thing that keeps me going on groggy mornings is seeing your smile when I get to go get you out of your crib in the mornings. I missed you while you were sleeping.

You communicate with your baby grunting and point to things that you see around you just waiting for me to explain what it is. You smile at everyone, and they can’t help but melt at your adorable smile.

You have cut 8 teeth in the past 3 months. I’m sorry. This last one that is coming in has obviously been hurting you really bad, and I hate to see you hurting. I have laughed many times at your silly smile with just 3 teeth on the bottom. That 4th one that has now broken through the gums is the one that has given you so much trouble. Luckily, you seem to get over things quickly, and move on to the next adventure.

You are getting more adventurous now. You have learned how to pull yourself up onto my bed. It is keeping me on my toes. But, I love watching you explore your world and figure things out. The look you get on your face when you finally achieve something that you were trying really hard to do is priceless.

We cut your floppy baby hair off. You look like such a big boy now. I can’t stand how big you are getting. I want to stop time almost every day for one reason or another and just enjoy making you laugh, tickling you, or watching you scarf down the food that you ┬áhad been screaming at me to feed you for the past 20 minutes. Please, PLEASE don’t take your first steps while I’m out of town this weekend?

We can tell that you are a special person. You make us all laugh, and you love making us laugh. You are doing silly things on purpose to see what our reaction will be. Of course, you have us all enchanted. Including your brother and sister. They love you so much and we are grateful to have you in our family.

I just feel so blessed to be your Mom. There is just something special behind your smile and your big blue eyes that lets me know that you have so much that you are waiting to tell me and show me in the next few years. I can’t wait. Thank you for being such a sweet baby and letting me smother you with kisses. You just get this soft smile on your face when I do it that lets me know that you like it too. I love you more than you will ever know.

I look at you and I see the future. I see a person that will continue to bring happiness to those around him. You will always have that infectious personality, and I hope you will never lose that mischievous twinkle in your eye. I love you baby boy. Don’t grow up too fast.


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