Adapting My Clothing

Since I have been losing weight, I have had to contend with clothing not fitting me quite right. Believe me, I am not complaining. I’d rather have loose clothing than tight clothing. But because of my limited wardrobe (yes, I am the mom who still has clothing she purchased 10 years ago), I’ve been having to adapt.

Why don’t I just get new clothing? Well, for one thing, I am very frugal (notice the clothing from 10 years ago). We just don’t have a new wardrobe in the budget at the moment, especially with the holidays here. The other reason, is that I guess I don’t want to jinx the current weight loss, and I am still hopeful that I haven’t yet settled into my regular size.

As such, I have been trying to adapt the clothing that I already have. Jeans aren’t really too much of a problem. The ones that were tight and snug before are now pleasantly loose. The others are too loose, but I can belt them and wear them around the house, saving the ones that fit better for being out and about.
I belt a favorite pair of dress pants and a favorite skirt as well. They do bulge in the front because of the belting, but long, thick winter sweaters hide the inadvertent pleating, so I can adapt this way. Casual clothing, such as PJs, t-shirts, sweats and leggings aren’t too much of a problem just yet. I can wear them big or roll waists up or down to adapt as needed.

Underwear is another story. It is hard to adapt to underwear that is a bit larger than needed. There are a few pieces that still work, but I need more, so this is one area where I may have to purchase a few new things sooner than later.

Do you have any tips for adapting clothing that is a little too large?

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