Curbing Consumerism

Getting consumerism under control, that is purchasing and spending what is not needed, is the quickest way to save money and affect your budget in the positive. But, what is consumerism? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, consumerism is: 1: the promotion of the consumer’s interests 2: the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically desirable; also : a preoccupation with and an inclination toward the buying of consumer goods. It is that last bit we are concerned about. Having a preoccupation toward buying a lot is never good, and it can lead to some serious financial repercussions. Our … Continue reading

Mediterranean Diet Wins Glowing Reviews

It seems as if people are always looking for the perfect diet.  But, it often alludes us.  We either feel deprived of food or don’t want to eat what we can have.  Worse yet, there are the diets that just don’t work! For years, I have been hearing good things about the Mediterranean diet.  This is the diet primarily followed by people that live in the southern regions of Italy, Greece, and Spain.  It includes a lot of fruit and vegetables along with olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals, fish, dairy, meat (but not red), and yes, even wine.  The diet … Continue reading

Still Need Information

As you may know I have tried to reach out to my kids’ biological mother to get information from her regarding their births and their biological dads. She provides information about 2 of our 3 kids but has still not replied to the questions that I asked about my third child or more details about her 2nd child. In my last entry I mentioned how my son George was delivered by emergency C-section when the doctor could not find a fetal heartbeat. Then he was hospitalized in the NICU for an infection for 2 ½ weeks. She said nothing about … Continue reading

Medical Information Needed

When you have adopted children there are certain things you do not know such as the biological medical history. This is especially true when you adopt a child from child protective services like we did. We have been asking the biological mother for birth family history since we first met her during the medication of Rebecca. As I have mentioned in the past the biological mother voided the mediation agreement when she disappeared and our letters kept getting returned. I tracked the biological mother down a few times already and asked her for the information but she has repeatedly failed … Continue reading

Open, Semi-Open or Closed Adoption part 4

I realize that some biological or adoptive parents want to keep the personal contact information private. Some fear the bond being too close between the biological parents that it may affect the bond between the adoptive family and the child. I do not want to say that would never happen because I suppose it could but I personally think if the child is loved by the adopted parents that the child would have the best of both worlds. If the biological parent is well balanced, emotionally stable than the benefits of having some form of contact with the biological parents, … Continue reading

Open, Semi-Open or Closed Adoption part 3

With open adoption both the biological family and the adoptive families know the names, addresses and contact information for each other. In our situation and the fact the biological mother did not seem to me to have the ability to make great decisions so we did not want her to know our information. We were concerned that if she had our information we would eventually hear a knock at the door and she would be there. We actually took preventative measures to insure that she did not know our information. We used my maiden name for any introductions and papers … Continue reading

Open, Semi-Open or Closed Adoption part 2

If you are considering placing your unborn child up for adoption or you’re considering adoption I hope that you read my last entry. If you did you will realize that both the adoptive and birth families have decisions to consider. The decision to participate in an open, semi-open or a closed adoption are decisions that both parties need to decide on. The first part of thinking about the decision is to consider how comfortable you are with sharing your child’s life with another person who is responsible for your child. I can see it from a few different positions. As … Continue reading

Open, Semi-Open or Closed Adoption

There are many women out there facing an unplanned pregnancy and if you are considering placing your unborn child up for adoption GOOD FOR YOU. As I am sure you know there are thousands of potential parents just waiting for a child to call their own. Before you begin deciding on the parents for your child you need to give some other issues some thoughts. Choosing the adoptive parents is an extremely important decision but there are other decisions that you need to make before you begin the process of choosing the family. First you need to think about whether … Continue reading

We Are So Different

If you read my last entry you would know that I found my kids biological mother on face book and attempted to see if she wanted to restart updates and pictures. If she did want it I wanted something from her. I want medical history forms for her and all three of the kid’s biological fathers. The kids deserve to have that information to be able to give to their doctors. I am still not sure if I should reestablish the updates with her. She has not shown she deserves it or even wants it but I try to look … Continue reading

What Should We Tell?

If you have adopted children one thing you think about is how you will explain to the kids what their life story is. Of course our kids all know they are adopted we have never kept that a secret we actually speak of it with great pride. We tell them that they were chosen by us in specific. I had actually made a story up for them talking about how we looked high and low then we looked in our hearts and found them. We have explained to them that when people have babies from the tummy they do not … Continue reading