Affordable Pampering for Mom

Affordable Pampering for Mom | Families.comMoms, grandmas, aunts, or beloved female friends; no gal is going to turn down a gift that promotes relaxation especially when life is so stressful.  Sadly, indulging in a day of pampering doesn’t always come cheap.  A trip to a professional spa can run upwards of $200 depending on the number of services rendered.

Paying for luxurious privileges is no fun even if it’s a Mother’s Day gift.  Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy treating mom to a day of decadence without breaking the bank.  Here’s how:

DIY Neck Wrap


  • Fabric
  • Dry, uncooked rice
  • Dried lavender or rosemary
  • Bowl
  • Needle and thread


  1. Cut the fabric into a rectangle that measures 24 inches long by 10 inches wide.
  2. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, and then sew a seam along one short side and one long side, so it looks like a bag.
  3. Turn the bag right side out.
  4. In a bowl, mix together the rice and dried herbs.
  5. Pour the mixture into the bag.
  6. Turn the raw edges in and sew up the bag.
  7. When it’s time for mom’s pampering, place the neck wrap in the microwave and heat on high for 30 seconds.  Remove and place on mom’s sore neck and shoulders.

Other homemade spa touches:

Place a bathrobe in the dryer for 10 minutes so mom can have something warm and fluffy to slip into during her home spa adventure.

Use a bag of frozen peas as a cooling eye mask.

Have mom hydrate with spa-inspired fruit water.  Just fill a pitcher with ice water and add sliced mango, peach, orange, lemon, lime or strawberries.

Make a cheap and easy face mask by mixing a tablespoon of honey with one egg white. Apply the mixture to mom’s face and rinse off after 10 minutes.  For added moisture, mash fresh pineapple chucks or papaya into a paste and mix it with a bit of olive oil and honey. Apply to face and rinse off after 15 minutes.



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