Albertson’s Drops their Preferred Card

Albertson's storeMany frugal shoppers like to sign up for the loyalty card at their favorite grocery store. It’s a great way to get access to special deals that you can’t get if you don’t have the card. Those of you who have signed up for the Albertson’s Preferred Card may be in for a bit of a shock. Albertson’s is no longer using it.

Typically, a grocery store will be overly eager to get customers to sign up for their loyalty program. There are reasons for this. People who have a store’s loyalty card are more likely to choose to shop at that grocery store than at a competitor’s store (where they don’t have the loyalty card). This is an effective way to attract more customers to a particular store.

Another reason is that the loyalty cards often involve data. Check the fine print, and you often will see that the loyalty card keeps track of what types of products a person purchases. Some people may feel this is an invasion of their privacy, while others don’t care.

Consumers like loyalty cards because it gives them access to special deals that are only offered to people who have the card. This is a good way to save money on your grocery bill.

It seems counterintuitive that Albertson’s has decided to drop their Preferred Card. Wouldn’t that influence customers to pick a different grocery store to shop in? Maybe not! The Albertson’s website describes this decision as follows:

Once upon a time, a shopper card set customers aside. It meant that you were taking extra steps to save money, and we offered special items that were available at special prices when you had the special card.

The card isn’t so special anymore. Everyone has one. So we want to take the special step of not requiring one anymore.

As of June 19, 2013, Albertson’s has decided to open their special prices on special items to absolutely everyone. No one will be required to join the loyalty club in order to get the savings. The savings and special offers you liked will continue even though their Preferred Card program has ended.

Image by Joe Wolf on Flickr