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Another Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Does your Mom or Grandma deserve a big hand for everything she does for her family? This craft project is a cute way to show either one or both how much they are appreciated.

Start by selecting a t-shirt in Mom or Grandma’s size and favorite color. Look for contrasting iron-on letters or iron-transfer paper for your computer printer. Make sure you select the appropriate transfer paper for light or dark colored shirts. You will want the lettering to contrast with the color of the shirt.

The message should read something like this (or your own creative message that makes a play on the word hand):

  • Have to hand it to you. You are a great Mom!
  • Grandma, you deserve a hand!

You can either apply the packaged lettering, or type the message out on your computer and print it out on the transfer paper. Iron the entire shirt. Unwrinkled fabric is easier to work with. Next, apply the transfer(s) to the t-shirt according to the package directions. Adults should supervise ironing.

Pour a small amount of fabric paint on a paper plate (off to one side), using one plate for each color. Have children dip their hands, palms down, into the paint and make handprints on the shirt. The number of colors you use and the number of handprints added to the shirt is up to you.

Mother's Day Gift Idea


1. Instead of iron-on transfers, you can also use stencils to form letters and fill them in with fabric paint.

2. Instead of a t-shirt, you can use other wearable craft items such as a sweatshirt, an apron, or a nightshirt for this project as well.

3. Another cute idea for gifts for grandparents is making a shirt (or other item) that says something like, “My grandkids do NOT walk all over me,” and then using painted footprints instead of children’s handprints.

4. If you don’t want to do wearable crafts, this idea is cute on cards too.