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Antidote to Fear

Fear can produce all sorts of effects on the body. It can induce headaches, nausea or a general air of not feeling well, ulcers as we worry about the things we fear, and insomnia, just to mention a few.

As I was reading through an old time with God journal I came across this passage and it talks about fear. Romans 8:15 reminds us, for you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry “Abba Father!”

So this verse reminds us we have no need to fear for the future and what it will bring, we have no need to fear in our current situation, no need to fear we will make the wrong decision because the antidote to fear is there right in the same verse. We have been adopted into God’s family and as children of the King we can cry out to Him.

At the time I’d written this verse from my daily bible reading down some years ago I was fearful about health and about work issues. At the time I felt ill from fear but then the Lord reminded m of this verse. I saw immediately where the answer lay, not in struggling along on my own trying to do things in my own strength but in taking the problem to God and seeking release from these fears.

Another encouraging verse in Romans 8 assured me that when I didn’t know how or what to pray about a situation The Spirit intercedes for me, Romans 8:26. He helps us in our weakness. What a blessing that is.

I needed to be reminded of these things this morning, as I was starting to let fear get the better of me once again. Maybe you need help dealing with your fears too. Can I urge you to firstly turn up Romans 8 and read these verses and then bring your fears to the Lord and let him deal with them?

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