App-Schooling: New Tech Trend in Homeschooling

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Computers and other forms of technology are no strangers to homeschooling.  Homeschool moms learned a long time ago that computers can aid the homeschool experience for both the student and the teacher.  If laptops gave our techie homeschool feet than the tablet gave it wings.

Homeschool students and moms are finding the value in app-schooling.  App-Schooling is when a student uses a tablet and applications to study, reinforce lessons, or house lessons.  With tablet in hand, a homeschool student can unlock the door to the world one application at a time.  Homeschool moms can record, store, and plan, lessons. Homeschool portfoilos can be stored, complete with pictures, on EverNote or Pages.  Homeschool lessons and records can easily be stored on the Homeschool Helper (iPad) app.

Another aspect of using apps in education is teaching a child with special needs.  Children with educational difficulties like dyslexia to children with Down syndrome can benefit from the multi-sensory educational apps offered by Apple, Android, and Kindle.  For many children, tablets have opened doors and leveled playing fields.  Children, previously unable to work independently, are learning new skills on their own and in their own time.

App-Schooling can begin as young as preschool.  There are a wealth of free and low priced apps for little hands.  It also offers mom the ability to occupy her preschooler with profitable activities while she teaches older students.  This also works the other way around.

Technology changes how we live.  We can debate on the benefits and drawbacks but technology is here to stay.  Since it isn’t going anywhere, it may benefit you to take the good and leave out the bad.  My iPad is filled I with apps for organization, photography, and educational apps for each of my kids. While my child works on an app I known there will be no ads or no clicking to another site.  Of course, students learn how to close apps and get online, but I am addressing working within the app.  For whatever reason, they are more focused working on the tablet than the computer. Dip your toe in the river of techie homeschooling and see what works for your family.