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Are Someone Else’s Fears Getting in the Way of Your Business?

We have talked about how our fears can inhibit our business operations–whether we are afraid of success or failure, or have other fears that keep us from reaching our full potential. What we have not really talked about here in the Home Business blog is how to work with SOMEONE ELSE’S fears. Often it is not our own fears, but ones that come from our parents, friends, partner or spouse that actually create those negative voices that hold us back.

The thing is, we might not even realize that we are carrying around someone else’s fears and insecurities about our business operation. We might have been holding on to them for so long, or subjected to them for so long that we actually think they are our own. When we dig down, however, we discover that this is a fear that is coming from someone else and did not originate in our mind or soul.

I think the closer a person is to us and the more involved in our lives, the more those fears can really become roadblocks. It is hard to stay motivated and excited if there is a partner or spouse who is constantly expressing fears, worrying about money, telling us what we shouldn’t do, and letting negativity rule. It can be really tough to be the first person in the family to start a business or to be seen as the “risk taker” in a negative way. Sometimes, our well-meaning family and friends remind us of all the endeavors we have tried that have not worked out as if they are predictors of our success with this endeavor.

It can take a lot of personal work to silence those other voices and cope with those fears that are coming from elsewhere. We have to tune in more and more to our own authentic voice and gradually address those fears and counter them with positive thoughts and efforts if we are ever going to tame those fears-from-elsewhere that are holding back our home business.