Are You Due on a Holiday?

Blake-first-birthdayWith Easter just a couple of days away, any of you who are close to your due date may be wondering whether your little one will be born on the holiday. Some people think that having a birthday on or near a holiday is a wonderful thing, others think that it steals some of the thunder. Also, people’s perspectives on their holiday birthdays tend to change over the course of their lifetime.

I was not born on a holiday, but a couple of years ago the date of Easter actually ended up being on my birthday. Easter is interesting like that, since it does not fall on the same day every year. If you have an Easter baby this year, he or she may not have another Easter birthday for quite a while. My opinion on having a birthday that lined up with a holiday was that I enjoyed it. Since my extended family gets together only three times a year, on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, I was able to see many more of my loved ones on my birthday than I usually would, thanks to the holiday.

Both of my sons have birthdays that fall very close to holidays. One is near Thanksgiving and the other is near Saint Patrick’s Day. Last year, I did not have a stand – alone birthday party for my three year old. He loves Thanksgiving, so when I asked him whether it would be okay if we had his birthday cake and presents at Thanksgiving dinner at his aunt and uncle’s house, his answer was an exuberant “yes”. He loved his holiday birthday party and wants to do it again this year.

My younger son just had a birthday a couple of weeks ago, the day after Saint Patrick’s Day. Since it’s much easier to get family together on a Sunday than it is in a Monday, I took the liberty of having his party on the holiday. After all, both my husband and I are part Irish and we usually gather to celebrate the holiday with family. We used Saint Patrick’s Day as the theme for the party, and everyone had a great time. I am not sure what the birthday boy thinks about his birthday party being on a holiday, but from the look on his face when he ate his maple cupcake I think that he was pleased.

What do you think of holiday birthdays? Do you have one? Is your baby due on or near a holiday?