Are you qualified to teach?

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Homeschoolers are under scrutiny.  Outsiders feel it is their duty to make sure homeschooled children are learning the three “R’s”.  If you doubt that then take your child out during school hours or simply mention homeschooling and sit back and wait for the quizzing to begin.  If they don’t quiz your kids they may quiz you.  Many question if those without education degrees can teach.  The short answer is yes.  Yes, you can teach your children without a teaching degree.  Teaching degrees are not magic.  I respect teachers and the effort it takes to become degreed and dedicate your life to educating others.  If I taught in a classroom, I would feel a need for a degree.  The dynamics are quite different.  It can be hurtful to be questioned in such a manner.

Here is what others have said on the topic.


Never had this exactly, but one associate started with long pauses and loaded questions. We just didn’t associate after that. It’s a ridiculous view and a homeschooling mom doesn’t need anymore negative thoughts on her own skills as teacher-mom. Let’s face it, we’re all some of our own toughest critics! I am a home-schooled mom all grown up and homeschooling five. ~Bokerah

I was not even very educated when I began homeschooling. My family was freaking out. I went to schools in LA and MS and just fell through the cracks. But the LORD redeemed my poor education through starting all over and learning the right way. I now read all the time, my daughter is graduating from a missionary school next month, and well. . . we both loved all 13 years. Our big question in TN seemed to be “What about socializing” haha. Another myth. ~ Marilyn

It’s been implied to me.  I’ve been grilled on my “qualifications” by some at a former church who were educators in the Public School system. I guess she thought that she could since we attended the same church?  I didn’t let it hinder me though. I think it also had to do with our church having a Christian School and I was unwilling to have my children attend the school. ~Chandra