3 Fun Ways to Take Weekly Baby Bump Photos

3 Fun Ways to Take Weekly Baby Bump Photos | Families.comPregnancy photos are all the rage, or so it seems. Many of my friends who are expecting are taking pictures of their pregnancy progress, week by week. If the idea of having a weekly baby belly photo seems appealing to you, there are many cute and fun ways to do it. If the ideas below inspire you, grab a friend or your partner, a camera, some simple props, and pose away.

  1. Chalkboards are a fun, easy, and reusable way to make note of which week each picture was taken. If you buy a simple, wood framed chalk board you can glue a pretty ribbon around the edge or paint or decorate it to your liking. Other ideas for putting the number of the week into the picture include a small dry erase board, numbers cut out of poster board, wooden blocks with numbers, or signs that you have designed and printed from your computer.

2. Some women like to wear the same outfit for their picture each week, so that they can see how different their belly looks from week to week. Of course, as your belly grows, you may have to switch to a new outfit unless you happen to have the same one in the next size up. If there is a special holiday like Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, or any other time that you might dress up, you may want to work that into your weekly picture as well just for fun.

3. If you have some extra hands around to take the pictures, your husband or partner can join you in the baby belly photo fun. Also, your baby’s future big brother or sister may want to pose with you and they might even like to hold the number. If your baby’s “big sibling” is your dog or cat, why not see if they will pose with you for some fun and memorable pictures.