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Author Interview: Haley Hatch Freeman

erecacToday I am joined by Haley Hatch Freeman, author of the new book “A Future for Tomorrow.” Haley suffered with anorexia as a teenager, and was able to overcome this struggle with counseling and through the help of the Lord. She wrote “A Future for Tomorrow” in the hopes that sharing her story would help other young women and their parents understand this disorder and realize that help is available.

Haley spoke with me candidly about her experiences and I’d like to share that conversation with you.

Haley, your story is deeply personal and not everyone would have the courage to share their experiences. What inspired you to write your book, and how did you find the courage to do it?

“Inspired” is the correct word, this book was something the Lord wanted done. I no longer could sit comfortably at church or in the holy temple without feeling the Lord “nagging” me to complete His task. I didn’t give much thought in the fear of exposing myself since it was something I was meant to do. I just went and did what the Lord commanded me to do.

Are you ever tempted to go back to your old destructive eating habits, and if so, how do you overcome that temptation?

I’ve been extremely blessed and I honestly haven’t had temptation to fall back into anorexia nervosa. When I think about it hypothetically I can’t imagine putting my children and husband through it and I’m sure that would be a driving force for me to avoid its pitfall. Having said that, I do understand the power of this disease and know of many loving women with families do suffer because the addiction is too strong.

Also, the dark memories of the emotional and physical pain of it keep me from ever wanting to relive that heartache. If I ever did start having the tendencies or thought processes again I would immediately get back into counseling. Since anorexia is a gradual, sneaky disease it is important for someone who as recovered to be in tune with their thoughts and actions.

Anorexia Nervosa doesn’t just happen nor will it just happen to me again just because I’ve had it before. There are usually several triggers and life traumas that build to create the symptom of anorexia. Since I was honest with myself and counselors and got the issues worked out I no longer have the drive for this behavior.

In the book, you talk about the relationship you have with Heavenly Father and His Son, and how this relationship was the key to your recovery. To those who don’t have this type of relationship, how would you encourage them to seek it out?

How do you build a relationship with anyone? Communication. I would encourage anyone to pray sincerely, knowing you are praying to a Father who knows and loves you. Read about the Savior. Get to know him personally through his works. Allow yourself to feel their love, know you are worth to be loved by them.

We will continue our chat with Haley Hatch Freeman tomorrow. In the meantime, you can learn more about her and her book by clicking here.

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