What Should You Do if Your Company Wants You to Move Overseas?

In this global economy, more of us are working for organizations that are international in scope. As trouble has hit the American economy, some of these companies are shutting down United States facilities and moving their workforce overseas. In addition, many multi-national organizations routinely offer the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder by switching offices. Therefore, whatever your nationality might be, you could be asked to move from your home to a completely new culture. What you do in this case is entirely personal. However, there are some advantages about working in a foreign land worth mentioning. 1. In … Continue reading

Mutual Fund Terms

When investing in mutual funds, there are many terms to know and understand. However, they are not always common knowledge. To better help you evaluate your investments and understand what your financial planner is telling you, let us discuss some common terms. 1. Equity Funds – These funds invest only in stocks. 2. Fixed Income Funds – These funds invest only in bonds. 3. Growth Funds – These specialize in companies expected to grow quickly, particularly when compared to similar companies in the same industry. 4. Index Funds – The fund managers of these funds try to match the stock … Continue reading

Switching to a Home Based Business

More and more individuals are leaving their corporate jobs to start a home based business. This trend is further magnified by the vastness of the Internet and its ability to allow virtual offices to exist anywhere. Many parents make this switch to be home with their kids. Older adults use it as a transition into retirement. Even some new college graduates with their strong technological skills are finding a home based business as great way to transition into the workforce. Whatever your reasons, there are some factors to consider to making this switch a successful one. 1. Do the research! … Continue reading

Job Highlight: Antique Dealer

Do you love scrounging through your grandmother’s attic? Are you a history buff? Were things simply made better 100 years ago? If this sounds like you, then an antique dealer could be a fine job! The main skill in antique careers is all about knowing details. Knowing what items are worth, how to market them and sell them is the key to success. Having some background in sales and a passion for historic relics is the perfect makeup for this profession. There are tons of options and specialties too – vintage clothing, art, rare books, jewelry and collectibles to name … Continue reading

Themes in Career Changes

Often when someone is looking for job information online, it is because he or she is looking for a new job. Maybe they are unemployed, but often they are simply looking for something different or better. Are you trying to determine if it is time to make the leap to a new career? Here are some prime themes to consider before you decide. 1. Is it possible? In almost every instance, finding a new career is possible. The real question is often more whether it is workable for you. Will the effort and work involved in a new career be … Continue reading

Trade a Car Payment for the Cost of Gas?

Now that the cost of gas has reached over $4 a gallon, it puts this expense into a completely new category. The rising cost of driving has reached the cost of many other large items, including the purchase of a new car. With gas prices so high, it is time to look at your whole budget. A good friend of mine told me an interesting budget story last week. Both her and her husband live in a rural area and have to commute to work in town each day. They have different schedules, so they can’t carpool. In addition, since … Continue reading

Exploring All Your Options

Whether you are looking for new job or have been in the same career for twenty years, it is still important to explore your options. Start with some self-assessment: * Make a list of your interests and values. Compare these to your current situation. * Then make a list of your most important skills. Prioritize them in an order where the ones you most enjoy using are at the top. * Make a list of skills you want to learn or training that interests you. * Write down all your past and present jobs. Under each one, identify what you … Continue reading

How to Get Experience

When first starting out in a new career, there is a common dilemma. You need experience in order to get the job… however, you can’t get that experience until you actually have the job. What do you do? The answer is to find ways to gain the experience you need through alternative avenues. Some ideas are: 1. Volunteer — Even if you have to work full-time and volunteer a couple hours a week, this is a valuable way to gain experience. A willingness to volunteer your time toward learning a job also shows a future employer your commitment. 2. Non-profit … Continue reading

Politically Correct Emails

Listen you all… this is important. Emails are hard-copied versions of words that once sent, cannot be taken back. This is critical to remember, whenever you send an email. However, it is super critical when the email is work related or sent from your employer’s email account. Many employers have become paranoid about how their employees use email. Therefore, whether they are open about it or not, they are often watching you and your email account. Yes, it may sound like a scary big brother episode. Still, look at it from the company’s perspective. If you send an email out … Continue reading

Fine Tune Technology and Computer Skills

With almost all jobs these days, there is some level of technological background required. However, the vast variety of computer systems, programs, and software applications can be overwhelming. How do you decide where to spend your time (and money) when looking to upgrade your technological skills? First, make sure you have the basics. Whether you are currently employed or on the job hunt, there are some important skills we all need in today’s business world. 1. Microsoft Word and Excel – Even if you use these regularly there are always new features and upgrades. Keeping abreast of these changes will … Continue reading