Insurance Company Refused to Cover than Reconsidered Too Late

Welcome to 2008, hopefully your family had a better end to the year 2007 than the family of Natiline Sarkisyan. Their year ended with a funeral for their teen-aged daughter who died after her health and medical insurance company refused to pay for a liver transplant and then reconsidered. The Philadelphia-based Cigna HealthCare insurer has a history of approving coverage for over 90% of all transplants claims requested by their insured members, with over 90% of the liver transplant request being approved according to Cigna company President David Cordani in a memo addressed to employees and distributed to the media. … Continue reading

Top 3 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

When I watch the evening news it makes installing a home security system seem like a logical decision. The Top 3 reasons to install a home security system: Protection: Everyone has a different level of need for protection. It’s a simply formula of whom, what and where. The basic math is the more “who‘s” your are responsible to keep safe and the more “what’s” you have collected along the way, the more protection you and your family need. There may be times in our lives when we have few possessions and only need to take care of our own personal … Continue reading

The Customers Responsibilities

Recognizing and planning is a vital part of facing the risks we do everyday. Insurance is something we purchase in order to cover the losses the insurance policy covers, or those things that can be covered by an insurance policy. It’s all about dollars, and when a customer suffers a loss, it’s all about the insurance policy covering the costs they contracted to cover. When someone suffers a loss the insurance company doesn’t always just write a check, depending on the extent of the loss, the insured customer will be expected to provide details and in some cases proof of … Continue reading

Fall Household Insurance Inventory Check List:

With the holidays looming it’s the best time to double check your photography and video equipment to make sure it’s in good working order. A great way to do that is starting a digital household inventory. By starting this project now, you will also be ready to take inventory of your special holiday items. With all the modern tools we have there is no reason any of us should put this project off. Most people reading this Blog are already talented enough on the computer to find the information you need, chat and share pictures. In order to completely understand … Continue reading

Halloween Insurance Tips: Are You Inviting Trick-or-Treater’s?

The Trick-or-Treater’s will be knocking on your door tomorrow night! It’s your responsibility as the homeowner and insurance policy owner, to prevent losses. Halloween is a huge liability exposure. By decorating, turning your porch light on, and handing out treats homeowners invite some of the most common, and most expensive liability claims. To make it simple, any injury that any person might suffer while their feet are on you property can be considered your liability. Take a few moments and consider these important issue before inviting the neighborhood to knock on your front door: If you trip over the garden-hose … Continue reading

When the Dust Settles and Rebuilding Begins

If there is only one good thing about the recent wildfires in Southern California, it may be that the majority of homeowners and many renters will be insured for their home and personal possessions. The most basic homeowner and renter insurance policy covers for the peril of fire. When there is a widespread disaster it may take a little longer to settle the claims with the insurance company, and it may be difficult to find all of the materials, equipment and people needed to get everything rebuilt and repaired. Resources may be limited, and victims of a widespread disaster often … Continue reading

Beating the Odds During Wildfire

I have family and friends living in several areas of Southern California. Memories of my past went up in flames during the disaster we have witnessed this week. I know people who have lost everything. My brother faced evacuation Wednesday night. My sister-in-law wasn’t able to come home from work on Tuesday night, the main Interstate 15 was closed. As a child my family lived near Lake Arrowhead. During the early 1980’s my brother and ex-husband did a lot of the electrical construction work on hundreds of homes built in the new community of Rancho Bernardo. One day I hope … Continue reading

Auto Insurance and Students Away At College

Recently a member asked me about adding a college student to personal auto insurance: My son got his driver license this summer and is now in an out of state college. He is not going to drive while at school. However, when he is back for Christmas or Summer (may be for two to three weeks), he will drive our car. Should I include him in our auto insurance? Or should I include him in our auto insurance only during the period when he is back? Some agents claimed that including him all through the year will help him … Continue reading

Back to School Left Over Piles of Paperwork

The back-to-school rush should be just about wrapped-up by now, Thank Goodness! All of the proper forms have been completed, signed and hopefully returned to the school. If you are anything like I am, there was one pile of papers which had to be returned and another pile of optional things to consider, like joining the PTA or purchasing Student Accident & Health Insurance. It’s just the right thing to go ahead and pay the dues to join the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) sometimes called the PTO for the Parent Teacher Organization. Paying the dues builds the organization and offers … Continue reading

Worker’s Compensation Fraud Red Flags: Employee Claimant

The introduction Blog of this series Workers Compensation Fraud outlined the fact that work comp fraud is often an organized crime committed by workers, health care providers and employers. This Blog outlines some of the red flags an employee or claimant is committing fraud. An injured worker collecting benefits would be called the workers compensation Claimant. This is where the fraud starts and this is what most people understand as fraud. Claimant fraud takes place when an employee knowingly lies or exaggerates a situation in order to collect benefits. Other ways an employee might commit fraud is to claim an … Continue reading