About Jennifer Frye

Jennifer Frye is a stay at home mother with five children, four boys and one girl, including a set of boy/girl twins. She and her husband have been married for 14 years and they raise a small farm in a little town in West Virginia. Her two older boys participate in the local Swine Club and raise their own pigs for projects. She enjoys sharing her experiences as a mother and finds that everyday is a story. Her goals are to raise her children up with respect and dignity and knowledge. She loves cooking for her family and loves sharing her hobby with her children. She incorporates cooking as a family activity and gets everyone involved. Besides cooking, she loves to read and she keeps journals of her daily life with her children for the future. She has been a Sunday School teacher, ran her own day care in her home and during the summer, she teaches children about cooking. She feels that every child should know the basics of cooking.

Make your own TV Dinners

There is something kids love about eating their dinner in trays. Every time we go to the grocery store, they ask for TV Dinners. Most of our meals are homemade so a TV dinner is a treat. I remember eating TV dinners for lunch with my mother when I was a little girl. She always cooked all of our meals herself so I know what kind of treat it was to get a TV dinner every once in a while. Back then, they were in aluminum trays. If mom was too busy cleaning house, she would heat up a TV … Continue reading

Colonial Life Review

Colonial life Insurance Company offers insurance to people who need extra coverage or don’t have any coverage at all. They offer several different services, including cancer and critical illness. They offer supplemental insurance and they pay you if you ever need it. What I found most interesting is what they offered with cancer. It affects so many Americans that it seems like everyone knows of someone who has cancer. On their website, they mention that since 1990, 17 million new cancer cases have been diagnosed. What they are offering is to help with expenses for home care, transportation in an … Continue reading

AFLAC Review

If you haven’t bought Long Term Care insurance, you may want to consider it. Or if you are not ready for a Long Term Care policy maybe a Supplemental Disability policy is a better fit for you. Aflac offers insurance coverage for a variety of situations. Including supplemental disability coverage for both short and longer terms. Simply defined, longer term disability is a person unable to work for a long period of time (often up to five-years) while disabled. More companies are offering this peace of mind. The employer will usually offer it to you at half the cost. You … Continue reading

Consumer Directed Health Plan

If you haven’t heard of it yet, you may in the future. This type of plan is most commonly offered from employers who offer insurance with high deductibles. It will probably be used more often in the future because it is more affordable. I had never heard of it until my husband’s employer gave us this choice. It is more flexible and less expensive per check. So we weighed our options to see if it was worth it for us since we have five children. Here is how it works: At the beginning of the year, a health fund is … Continue reading

Partnership for Prescription Assistance Review

Everyone has probably seen the public service announcement featuring Montel Williams as spokesman for prescription assistance for people all across America. This compaing gives some information on the announcement but it doesn’t go into details. I did some research and found out a lot. There are many people without prescription coverage. They may have had the money to go to the doctor and pay for one prescription, but if someone has a disease or condition that requires a prescription to maintain their health, they may not be able to afford their prescriptions every month. In some situations, the elderly may … Continue reading

Insurance Review on Cinergy Health

What does this company offer as far as health insurance is concerned? I searched their website for more information about what they offered. It seems like it is a good answer to those people without health insurance. Health care is expensive even with good health insurance coverage. The money that comes out of pocket sometimes leaves people asking themselves why they pay a monthly premium. This particular insurance company does not offer health insurance plans. What they offer is a program that will allow you to receive a discount that Cinergy and the doctors, hospitals or specialists have agreed on … Continue reading

Learning new ways to eat

When I was pregnant with twins, I experienced my first Gall Bladder attack. I must say, it was very painful. The bigger my twins grew, the less I could eat. I had to start eliminating certain foods from my diet. I ended up with a very bland diet. I first eliminated the fat in my diet. I was assigned to a Dietician who tried to help me. But as the babies grew, nothing I tried worked except for a simple diet that included oatmeal, rice and toast. I learned to be creative with oatmeal. I was able to add just … Continue reading

When Dinner isn’t enough

What do you do when enough is not enough? I spent all evening preparing a simple dinner for my family. It was a nice hot bowl of homemade Vegetable Beef Soup and sandwiches. I also made a tossed salad with dressing to go along with it. We are just starting to get some cold weather here so I try to plan my meals appropriately. I don’t make soup for a hot summer day, but it tastes really great on a cold day such as today. I cook for a large family so I usually double my recipe ingredients to allow … Continue reading

Preventive care offered with Health Insurance

We had our health insurance through my husband’s employer. It was really good insurance but we had to pay a high rate per pay check in order to have it. It was through Blue Cross Blue Shield. At the time that we were offered this insurance, preventive care seemed to be the topic of discussion. Insurance companies were realizing that if they offered more preventive measures, in the long run, they would pay out less. One feature I liked about this insurance is that they offered what they called “Blue on call”. With our policy we were given a toll … Continue reading

Make food more interesting

When my kids were little, trying to get them to eat healthy was sometimes a hard task. I would bargain with them by telling them that if they would just try it, they would like it. But they would be determined not to no matter what. On one occasion, I had made cornbread to go with some soup. My son noticed the bag of cornmeal sitting on the counter and was determined that he would not eat even one bite of cornbread. I knew that if he tried the sweet corn bread, he would like it. So while I was … Continue reading