Natural Sweeteners, Artificial Sweeteners, or None At All?

There’s always been a war going on when it comes to sweeteners. Some experts feel that corn syrup is bad while white sugar is okay—in moderation, of course. Some think honey is best and all forms of processed anything should be avoided. Then we come to artificial sweeteners. Saccharine was fine in the 70’s then was purported to cause cancer in rats. Now some experts say it’s fine and their data was off. I read that the amount of saccharine they had to give rats equaled about 300+ diet sodas per day for humans. I don’t have that many in … Continue reading

Thinking About Going Back To School?

Your economic situation doesn’t have to stay where it is. As a single parent you may qualify for various grants that can help you get a certificate or degree and create a better life for you and your kids. This will also give you some time for yourself, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone. It’s hard enough being a single parent and working a full time job—whether you work from home or at a typical nine to five job. Top this off with taking care of the bills, the kids, the house, and it doesn’t leave much … Continue reading

More Foods That Are Fatal For Fido

Last time I talked about five common foods that are bad, if not fatal, to dogs. While some people may already be aware that things like chocolate and alcohol are bad for our furry friends, there were quite a few foods on the list I never thought twice about. After all, who would think that something as innocent as onion, garlic, or grapes could actually hurt your dog? Our pets are important to us and can change our lives in wondrous and happy ways, so we must be careful about what we feed them. For a full list of foods … Continue reading

At Home Laser Treatment For Wrinkles Approved By FDA

Many women, myself included, would like to look as youthful as we can for as long as we can. Although we can’t do anything about gravity, by exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and taking advantage of the latest anti-aging products, we don’t have to look old before our time. I have no desire to look 20 nor act 20, but I do want to feel confident in the fact that I’m doing what I can to hold back the hands of time. My kids think I’m a bit OCD when it comes to wrinkles, but I grew up in … Continue reading

Home Schooling Is Cheaper Than Public School

Being able to home school my girls was a choice I was glad I made. Not only could I see over their education and spend quality time with them, but it was far cheaper than public school. Back when I was a kid public school was free. Each child got their books, pencils, paper, art supplies, and many other school supplies for free. We’d even go on several field trips throughout the year, all for free as well. About the only thing my parents had to pay for was my lunch. Times have definitely changed, especially over the last decade. … Continue reading

Homemade Almond Butter

Some people are allergic to peanuts, and sometimes you just want a change from traditional peanut butter. Almond butter is delicious and heart-healthy, but it’s also very expensive, usually about triple the price of peanut butter. Since I’m a very frugal person, I started making my own almond butter. It’s surprisingly easy, much cheaper than store bought, and is delicious. Homemade almond butter can be made from raw almonds, but roasting the nuts right before you make the butter gives it a wonderful flavor. To roast the nuts, take one cup of almonds and spread them on a baking sheet. … Continue reading

Starting Your Own Niche Site

Like myself, many single parents tend to work solely from home so we can take care of our kids, perhaps home school them, and try to fill as many roles as possible in our children’s lives. Though there are a hundred scams for every one legitimate WAH business, there are some solid ways to help make ends meet. Freelance writing is one, as well as Internet marketing. These days, most families have access to the internet, which gives you a virtual money-making machine right at your fingertips. All it takes is some time and perseverance, and a healthy dose of … Continue reading

Foods That Are Fatal For Fido

We all love our furry kids and always want to take good care of them. Heck, sometimes these four-legged creatures have better lives than even our kids do. That’s totally understandable though since dogs don’t talk back, love you even if you aren’t perfect, and are always overjoyed to see you walk into a room—even if you’ve only been out of sight for two minutes. Over the years I’ve had many animals; everything from guinea pigs and iguanas to birds and fish, but dogs are always my favorite. Many people give their dogs a few leftovers from dinner, or treats … Continue reading

Natural Allergy Relief

I’m falling apart. That’s the only way I can word it. If I could go back to the perfect age, I’d choose 35. I still felt very healthy, energetic, and knew enough to know better but not enough to worry myself to death. Flash forward into this soon-to-be 45 year old body and mind. The passing years are racking up and taking their toll. No, it’s not all bad. I’m more successful, happier, and more in love than at any other time in my life. I have the energy to exercise nearly every day, which I didn’t have the gumption … Continue reading

Purex Complete 3-in-1 Review

As a freebie lover, I enjoy trying new products whenever I can. When I got my free samples of Purex Complete 3-in-1 Spring Oasis I didn’t think they’d work at all. First of all, I’m always suspicious about products that claim they can “do it all.” According to the package, just one of these sheets is laundry detergent, fabric softener, and an anti-static product all rolled into one. Sounds great, but did it work? The product is about 4″x6″ and very thin and stiff. You simply toss it into the washer and do your laundry then put it right into … Continue reading