Cartoon Review: The Garfield Show

Recently, my son has discovered “The Garfield Show” and wanted to watch it as his morning cartoon. It is one of the easily tolerated cartoons for adults to endure. I’ve caught myself paying attention to the show when it is on. I don’t find it to be annoying like some of the cartoons we’ve watched have been. There is enough of a plot for adults to be entertained and yet the animation makes it appealing to toddlers. It seems to be a good option for parents to watch with their toddlers. Since I do have a few concerns about the … Continue reading

Cartoon Review: Chowder

In our home, most all of the television that we watch is something I’ve pulled up from our recorded shows. We rarely watch live television. Because of this, my son hasn’t seen many of the cartoons that are shown on live television. Up until recently, the only cartoons that my son had been exposed to were the following: *Tom & Jerry *Spongebob Squarepants *Looney Toons *Dora the Explorer *Garfield Most of the time, my son watches recorded episodes of Spongebob Squarepants or his dvd collection of seasons of Spongebob. Since he was so interested in everything Spongebob, I never really … Continue reading

Easter Activities

There doesn’t have to be a lot involved in a “Toddler Easter Egg Hunt” because toddlers don’t need the eggs to be hidden like older kids do. You can just place several brightly colored eggs out in the grass and toddlers will have a blast collecting them. In addition to the traditional egg hunt, there are several other activities that we can do with our toddlers during the Easter celebrations. Let’s look at some ideas: Construction Paper Eggs Using several colored sheets of construction paper, cut out large eggs and allow your toddler to decorate them. Keep it simple by … Continue reading

Are Cartoons Scary?

Are some cartoons too scary for toddlers? I have grown concerned because some of the cartoons on “Cartoon Network” seem to be scary. It may be fine for older kids, although I have my doubts, but for toddlers I think it is too scary. Garfield is one of the cartoons that I wouldn’t think would be scary but then found one episode to be frightening to my son. Another cat, which looked like Garfield, turned into a monster and Garfield is shown shaking and quivering in fear. In my opinion, that is too scary for toddlers. I know that some … Continue reading

Fun in the Sun

Its spring and toddlers are out in the yard again. It is the time for sand boxes, plastic lawn mowers that resemble those their parents use and all kinds of fun activities in the sun. The sun, however, poses a major threat to toddlers. Even on cool or overcast days when the sun isn’t shining bright or heating everything to feel warm to the touch, it can still cause sunburn to the sensitive skin of toddlers. It is very important to use sunscreen. Don’t forget to reapply according to the instructions on the bottle. It does wear off and your … Continue reading

Getting Dressed

Is it a fight every morning to get your toddler dressed? Does your toddler love to dress themselves? Are you able to put the cute accessories on your toddler and accentuate their outfit or are they happier in a diaper and t-shirt? My son wakes up every morning asking to get dressed for the day. He also strips out of his clothes at the end of the day when he is ready to relax and run around in a diaper. The problem I have is keeping shoes on my son. He takes them off every time I put him in … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning with Toddlers

Spring is here and we are all trying to do our spring cleaning. With toddlers around, it is important that everyone remember to use caution when cleaning. Let’s look at some spring cleaning tips for parents and grandparents with toddlers in the home. Cleaning with Toddlers *Never leave spray bottles of cleaners within a toddler’s reach. They may spray the cleaner into their eyes or even swallow some of the cleaner! It is best to always put the bottle on a high shelf, the top of the refrigerator or some other high place while cleaning. *Do not use strong fragrances … Continue reading

Why Toddlers Love SpongeBob Squarepants

Many toddlers, including my son, love the cartoon, “SpongeBob Squarepants.” SpongeBob offers a lot of entertainment for toddlers, who otherwise have a short attention span. Although many parents don’t care for this cartoon, it can actually be good for children. SpongeBob offers a lot of music and most all toddlers love music. They can sing along to the songs in the cartoon and practice their unique dance skills. My son is adorable when he tries to copy the dances in the “SpongeBob Squarepants” episode featuring, “Band Geeks.” This is one of our favorite episodes. I don’t think I have ever … Continue reading

Creating Toddler Easter Baskets

Although the Easter Bunny will likely get credit for your creation, making an Easter basket for your toddler should be a fun and rewarding experience. Toddlers love waking up on Easter morning and finding a basket full of toys and goodies waiting for them. Since we don’t want our toddlers on a sugar rush and ending up with an upset stomach, we don’t want too much candy in the basket. Also, because some of the candy and toys that are marketed for Easter baskets can be a choking hazard, we want to make sure everything in the basket is safe … Continue reading

Spring Break

It’s that time of year again. School aged kids are out for Spring Break. Families are heading off to the beaches, zoo’s and amusement parks. Toddlers toddle behind, trying to keep up with their siblings. It is such a fun time of year. As with any vacation or day out with the family, there are always things to remember. There are items you don’t want to forget and there are things to do before leaving home. Planning any vacation with toddlers takes preparation. Things to Pack for a Day Trip: *Sunscreen *Change of clothes *Hand Sanitizer *Camera *Sippy Cup or … Continue reading