Let’s Talk About Teenage Pregnancy – Breaking the Big News

Okay let’s be perfectly real here – finding out your pregnant while single and still living with your parents is never a picnic. There are just as few parents of teens out there that will be instantly transformed into grandparents as there are teens out there that will instantly become super parents. It was probably hard enough for you to find out the big news yourself, but the horror isn’t over yet. Now, you will have to tell the other important people in your life. How will they react? What will they say or do? What exactly is the best … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Teenage Pregnancy – Breaking Through Stereotypes

We all have them: Little bits of prejudice that we don’t like to admit to. Nevertheless, they are there and they hurt. They have an impact on the way we view the world, whether we like it or not. There are many words for it – profiling, bias, stereotyping, ageism. Teenage moms are not immune to this any more than other soldiers of the mommy wars. But that doesn’t make it any more ethical for a person, another mom even, to assume that a woman’s age will determine how well she is able to mother her children. It is true … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Teenage Pregnancy – Introduction

I’m starting a new category in the pregnancy blog concerning teenage pregnancy, so I thought I would write a little introduction, as well as share my experience on the topic. I was living with my father, fresh out of high school and at the golden age of eighteen when I found myself pregnant for the first time. I was a very successful art student in high school, and I had just started taking random art classes at the local college, trying to determine what field to major in. I was quite certain that I wanted to pursue a career in … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Having a Bicornuate Uterus

Have you been diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus? It may be affecting your ability to become or remain pregnant. A bicornuate uterus is described as one having protrusions at the top of either side of the womb, sometimes giving the uterus a distinct heart-shape (see picture). It is actually a birth defect, so if you do have the condition, it is not due to something you have done or are doing wrong. Likewise, there is no way to correct the condition. There are many degrees of bicornuate uteri, and the degree can determine the likeliness of a pregnancy reaching full-term. … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Acupuncture During Labor

A new study of pregnant women in the ob/gyn journal shows that acupuncture can speed labor in most women. Although the women probably did not deliver the baby any sooner than they otherwise would have, it dramatically reduced the active phase of labor for most women in the group. This could translate to significant pain relief or less pain altogether for a laboring woman. The following quote is derived from the medical journal Acta Obstretricia et Gynecologica, 2006;85:1348-53: In a study of 100 pregnant women who were about to give birth, 48 were given acupuncture while the remainder had standard … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Breaking the News – the Brain Teaser

So you just found out that you are pregnant for the first time, and you want to tell everyone you know the great news. First things first: Congratulations! Now, check this out: If you want to break the news in a fun way, print this out, and see if your partner and friends can figure it out with this ultimate pregnancy announcement brain teaser! . ———————————————————————————– 1. Say what you see: theobunven! ________________ 2. PLANT is related to GROUND, as _____________ is related to MY BODY 3. Which word in the list no longer has anything in common with the … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Pregnancy Blog Top Ten – Ways to Break the News

I distinctly remember the ancient Full House episode in which Aunt Becky attempts to announce her pregnancy to Uncle Jesse during a family game of Pictionary. First she drew a wheel of cheese, then I think she mocked cutting it in half, then came a bottle of ink, and of course a picture of a baby. Cheese. Half. Ink. A baby? Sheeeeshalvingababy? She’s having a baby! And the Tanner family erupted with congratulatory whelping. There’s more than one way to break the news of your pregnancy to family, friends and significant others, so why not make it really fun – … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Making Informed Parental Decisions During Pregnancy

When you are expecting, there are going to be some specific parenting decisions that you will need to make long before the baby arrives. Because you are completely responsible for another person’s well-being, it is very important that you make sure to become as informed as possible on the many issues parenting will present you with. Here’s a break-down of some of the important decisions you will be immediately faced with: Where and How You Will Deliver – There are several places to give birth – at home, a hospital, a birthing center. There are several ways in which to … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Pregnant Celebrities – Who’s Got Bump?

And now for some celebrity gossip, Pregnancy Blog style. Let’s start with Tori Spelling, who is currently 33 weeks pregnant with her first child, said to be a boy. If that wasn’t news enough, Tori was working on her own show called So NoTORIous that was supposed to air on VH1, as well as another new reality series in the works for Oxygen, which will follow her and her husband as they find and refurbish a Southern California inn. Country music artist Brad Paisley and wife/actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley of T.V.’s According to Jim are expecting their first child this month. … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Birthing Big: Super Tonio!

“Super Tonio” is the name given to a new baby boy born February 1st, weighing 14.5 pounds in Cancun, Mexico. The baby has caused a sensation, with crowds gathering at the windows of a maternity unit trying to get a peek at the baby who is at least twice the size of most of the others there. Antonio Vasconcelos was, of no surprise to this blogger, born via c-section at Cancun’s Jesus Kumate Rodriguez hospital. The hospital’s director reports that the baby is healthy, despite high blood sugar and a slight blood infection, both of which are under control. The … Continue reading