Re-Evaluating your Family Media Boundaries this Summer

While driving on a trip or around town do you find yourself yelling, “Look up! Baby cows, or bald eagle!” or pointing out some other exciting view out the window? The goal is for your kids to disengage and not miss the world passing them by. Take time this week to sit down and make a plan for your family digital diet.  For everyone.  In 2015 we struggle with all the media options we have starting at a very young age.  Take the time to set boundaries for this diet to keep your life balanced. Look for our upcoming series … Continue reading

Seven Ways to Save $1,000 for Your Emergency Fund

Dave Ramsey, financial guru who has helped so many families get out of debt, recommends that most of us start on the path to financial solvency by first saving up $1,000 toward an emergency fund. By having a solid emergency fund, we are less likely to go into debt, should the unexpected happen, such as the home furnace needing to be replaced, the car needing to be repaired, or the experience of a medical crisis. Saving that $1,000 is the first step of Ramsey’s overall get-out-of-debt plan. How can you save that much when there doesn’t seem to be any … Continue reading

Five Steps that Will Help You Go on A Spending Break

If you have an unexpected bill, want to take care of a new purchase with cash, build up an emergency fund or just get closer to paying off your overall debt, you might want to consider going on a spending break. How much extra money you accumulate will depend on what you normally spend in any given time period plus how long you decide to stay on your spending break. Saving $500 this month is not unthinkable for most families. Before you get started with a spending break, you’ll need to have a plan to ensure the best success and … Continue reading

Four Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bill

If the weather INSIDE is frightful because you are afraid of home heating bills, you won’t spend a very pleasant winter. A better solution is to stay warm by finding multiple ways of reducing your heating bill and then combine these strategies to reduce your heating bill to the lowest cost possible. Selective Heating Only heat the rooms you are actually using. Are there any rooms that can be closed off temporarily during the coldest part of the year? Even if your home isn’t zoned, you can make it warmer in the rest of the house by isolated unused rooms. … Continue reading

5 Frugal Practices That May Be Costing You Money

Sometimes even the best intentions to save money fail. Are you losing money while trying to be frugal? Here are five frugal practices that may be costing you money. • Stockpiling Do you still have cans of vegetables from 2001? Have the breadcrumbs gone stale? Stockpiling is a great way to save money and to be prepared for rising prices, but when you have half a pantry full of expired food then stockpiling is costing you money. To solve this problem, don’t give up on the stockpiling, just get a little more organized. Rotate your pantry items and keep track … Continue reading

Are Rechargeable Batteries Cost Effective?

Rechargeable batteries may be good for the environment, but they may not be good for your budget. They are rarely cost effective except in certain instances. If you are thinking about purchasing rechargeable batteries and the battery chargers that go with them, take a look at the whether or not they would really make sense. Making an Investment Getting started using rechargeable batteries requires an investment. You have to purchase one or more battery chargers, and a few sets of batteries. If you don’t want to be without your devices for a day or more when your batteries run out, … Continue reading

Online Shopping Secrets: Seven Websites that Will Save You Money

Grab the lowest prices on everything you buy online by checking out the following seven websites before you make a purchase. and Check and for coupons and coupons codes that you can use to get discounts on the things that you buy online. There are coupon codes for both products and online stores. In some cases, you’ll also find rebates to redeem. Just search for the store or the product to see what might be available. Some coupon codes are straight forward, such as 10 percent off a purchase or free shipping, while others have specific … Continue reading

20 Ways to Get Free Entertainment

Free Entertainment is all around us. We just have to reach out for it. 1. Free movie rentals from Redbox. Search for “Redbox codes” online. You’ll get at least one free movie rental a week when using the Redbox video machines. 2. Free Lego Build Event. Each month Lego stores sponsor free building events for ages 6 through 14. Kids can build a new Lego model each month (this month it is a log cabin) and then take it home. 3. Free video games from the library. Chances are that your library is stocked with video games for current systems. … Continue reading

Seven Things to Get at the Library for Free

If you haven’t visited your local library in a while, you might want to plan a visit sometime soon. The library is a very different place than it was just ten years ago, thanks in part to current technology. Plus, with the economy, there is a new need for additional services, all of which most community libraries are trying to provide. They are doing a very good job of it, too. So get that library card out (or sign up for one) and start saving. Here are seven things that you can get at the library for free. • Free … Continue reading

Thrift Store Shopping Tips

You can cut almost any of your shopping budget by 60 percent or more when you shop at local thrift stores instead of retail stores. Imagine getting designer jeans for $5 or a new-with-tags name brand dress for only $3. How about that new hot video game for $15 instead of $50? It is all possible when you use thrift stores as a valuable resource to save your family budget. Getting Over the Ew Factor If you haven’t visited a thrift store lately, you should stop by and take a look. What you see may surprise you. Most thrift stores, … Continue reading