Best Bedtime Books for Toddlers

My children and I enjoy reading books. Even though a couple of them are too young to read yet, they like to listen. My youngest especially likes to look at the pictures and pick out animals from the pages. She sometimes takes over story time by labeling everything she sees on the page. I let her because the others seem to like her little narratives too. Soon she will be retelling her version of the story in her own words as I turn the pages. There are several bedtime books we’ve enjoyed reading and exploring this month: *Ten, Nine, Eight … Continue reading

TV Watching and the Toddler

Most toddlers have short attention spans and will, thankfully, limit their own television watching. Unhealthy habits can form when kids get too much TV. The general rule is for a child to view no more than 30 minutes of television a day. Even educational programming counts against this time. Educational programming does provide great information, but most toddlers will learn these skills in due time without having to watch it on television. Experts say that kids, who watch more than 30 minutes of TV a day, are developing sedentary lifestyle habits, which will be hard to overcome when they get … Continue reading

Bonding with Your Baby with a Disability

Attachment is a lasting bond that develops early in a child’s life. Attachment can occur between the mother and child as well as with others: dad and child, grandparents and child, even foster parents can enhance a child’s life through attachment. Attachment is more than just an emotional bond, it is a critical component to the healthy development of the child. Children who experience attachment and feel the love of a caregiver have a better chance of growing into adults who are capable of sustaining lasting, close relationships. Some parents find it difficult to bond with a child who has … Continue reading

Language Development in Toddlers

Two-year olds are generally talkers, though most of the time we do not even know what they’re saying. However, their words mean something to them. The toddler’s mind is ahead of their mouth literally. Their new motor skills are not coordinated with each other. In the mind of the toddler, all the words are right, but when they try to convert the thought to speech, gibberish comes out. Don’t worry if sometimes they sound like they are saying complete sentences in a foreign language. Most toddlers will gradually get better at forming their words in due time. To assess a … Continue reading

Special Needs Trust Funds

Raising a child with a disability takes a lot of energy, perseverance, patience, and most of all–planning. You plan your nightly meals based on the color because your dear one doesn’t eat anything, red, crunchy, round or grainy. The same goes for where to shop, who to visit, when and if we vacation, and what TV programs to watch. However, the most important factor we contemplate is who will take care of our child with a disability when we’re gone. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but one day, a child with significant disabilities will not have his parent with … Continue reading

Taming Temper Tantrums

Yes, if you found your way here, you’ve probably experienced one this week–the dreaded temper tantrum. You know how they start. One day your angel goes to bed and awakes the next morning with a smile. As always you fix the little darling her favorite breakfast on her favorite plate and place it at her favorite spot on the table. Then, just when you feel like June Cleaver it happens–she didn’t want that plate, she didn’t want that food, “No, no, no! As long as she is safe, experts suggest that you restate in 4 words or less (in a … Continue reading

The Busy Life of the Preschooler

Preschoolers are wonderful…think about it. They still think parents knows everything and they think we are perfect (though Grandpa is better). They still like to give kisses and the sweetest hugs for no reason (well, sometimes they do it for the cookie), and best of all they still want to cuddle. This morning, my Deanna, woke in the most loving mood; as she stumbled in the kitchen with her Dora the Explorer jammies turned sideways from the long night of sleep. She was funny to watch as she had tusseled hair–we call “bed head”–and three stuffed bunnies. She gave me … Continue reading