Oh For a Celebrity Body!

At night, as I try to fit planning for healthy meals into my already hectic schedule I find myself watching mindless stuff on TV. Mindless TV for me is celebrity related as I’m not someone who has the slightest bit of interest in what Paris Hilton is doing on videos or whether or not Brittany wears panties! However watching these celebrities slink their way down a red carpet I do envy the fact that they can get into those dresses – well some of them anyway, others I wouldn’t even give to a thrift store! Standing in line at the … Continue reading

Norway’s Pavilion – Epcot

I wasn’t living in Scandinavia when I visited Epcot, so it’s as though life has a funny way of working things out, because the Norway Pavilion was actually my favorite part of the World Showcase part of the park. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy other pavilions, or that they weren’t interesting, but it was Norway that really held my attention both culturally, and recreationally. I’m a history buff, and coming from the North East of England where Vikings did roam the land centuries ago, Viking history is one of my favorite topics. The Norwegian exhibit at Epcot is host … Continue reading

On Having a Weight Loss Buddy

I haven’t mentioned this before, but I have a weight loss buddy. Although I have other weight loss buddies who are online and who I check in with from time to time to see how they’re doing, this particular weight loss buddy actually lives with me! That’s right, my darling hubby is being supportive and joining in the Weight Watchers eating plan right alongside me. First of all on this I should clarify that he’s not just doing this purely out of selfless motivation – I know he loves me and would do anything he could to support me anyway … Continue reading

Living Next Door to Disney

From where I stand thousands of miles away, it sounds wonderful to be able to live next door to Disney. If I go to Disney World, I’m looking at organizing transatlantic flights, hotels, restaurants and all the other associated tourist costs. To be able to visit Disney World without all that additional expense sounds like a dream come true. Imagine being able to buy discounted annual pass and be able to take the kids to any of the Disney parks whenever you felt like it. Could there ever be a day when there wasn’t something to do with the kids … Continue reading

Disney in my Stitching Stash!

Over the weekend I was inspired to start thinking about picking up my cross-stitching. It’s been a long time since I picked up a needle and some floss. Way too long! I remember a time when I could stitch 5-8 greeting cards in a weekend. Or I could take a big cross-stitch project and really get my teeth into – sometimes sitting for 5 hours without a break, just completely immersed in the creativity and relaxation of the activity. Then came an interruption. Actually an interruption is what I thought it would be. The reality was that my stitching activity … Continue reading

Momma’s on a Diet: Week 5 Weigh-In

I’ve been on this diet for a month now and I have to say that things are ticking along nicely. I don’t really think that things are getting easier though. In fact, I’m starting to create problems for myself when it comes to eating and that’s like seeing red flags lined up along the side of the road. I need to stop and recenter my weight loss balance somewhat. I know that this is a tricky part time of the month with hormones running riot and everything, but I know that once I start giving credibility to these problems and … Continue reading

Disney’s Wild Hogs Come in First!

Disney does it again! Its new release “Wild Hogs” opened as this week’s top grossing movie in the US. Of course, with a main male line-up headed by John Travolta, and also starring William H. Macy, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence, it was bound to be a success! Each of the actors plays a character that is different from the other, and yet they all have something in common – a need to escape the object of their perceived failure, namely women! For me, John Travolta is always going to be one of two types of guy – the playful … Continue reading

Let’s Go Cruising – Disney Cruising!

I don’t know about you, but one of the things I’d love to do is take a cruise. Somehow the 24 hour ferry – even with it’s nice sea-view porthole and private bathroom – doesn’t quite cut it. I want the real thing. The whole enchilada! To get up in the morning knowing that all of my needs for the day will be taken care of by someone else – no stressing out about whether there’s something in the freezer for dinner or even thinking about the washing up. Everything will be taken care of, leaving me to just enjoy … Continue reading

Creating Memories with Disney

Amidst the videos, the DVDs, the music CDs, the bed linen with matching lamp shades and night-lights, you’ll find that there’s a huge array of stationary items that are so cute and just cry out to be used for something more than a child’s sticker book. When Jake was born, I was determined to create a memory book to celebrate his first year and despite the fact that we were in and out of hospital month after month for various check-ups, tests, and whatevers, I did actually manage this. Ok, so he was about 18 months by the time I … Continue reading

Hug your Local Neurologist!

Yesterday I had a meeting with my neurologist. I really like this guy because he’s the first consultant I’ve seen in over 3 years of unexplained/undiagnosed illness who really seems as if he cares about me, the person. Not long before Christmas he did an EEG and as a result of that diagnosed me as epileptic. I’m not sure the diagnosis is correct but I bow to his better judgment and am trying the treatment plan to see if it helps. This aside, he’s obviously concerned about my weight. The last time we met we talked about the fact that … Continue reading