Bug Bloopers

When watching movies I love waiting until the end to see if they include a blooper strip whilst the credits roll. One of my all-time favorite movies is “Smokey and the Bandit” with Burt Reynolds and Jerry Reid. The blooper strip on this – and the sequel – are hilarious! On days when I’m feeling down these can make me laugh and raise my spirits again. If I had my way, I’d have these put on all movies because they really show the personality of the actors rather than the characters they are portraying. Last night the boys were watching … Continue reading

Momma’s on a Diet: Slimmer Area Discovered!

Last week I was blogging about the fact that despite losing a fair number of pounds, I couldn’t locate where they’d disappeared from. I look the same. I feel the same. My clothes fit the same – OK so the clothes aren’t a good choice because I always wear them baggy anyway, but you get the idea! It was a little disconcerting to say the least that so many pounds could be lost and for them to have been seemingly invisible! But then, a couple of days ago, I found them! Over and over again I’ve heard that in order … Continue reading

Disney Introduction to the Magic of Camelot

A few days ago I read a movie review here at families.com that brought a memory back from this summer. Being a twin-culture family, we live in one country but spend our summers in the other so that our boys get to experience both of their cultural roots. We live in Sweden but every July we spend a month in the UK at my mom’s holiday trailer on the Northumbrian coastline (North East corner of England). Some friends knew we were coming last year, and left a pile of Disney videos at the trailer ready for the boys to watch … Continue reading

Momma’s on a Diet: Week 4 Weigh-In

Well it’s been another successful dieting week as far as the eating goes I’m happily relieved to report. No backsliding, no hidden treats, not even a day when I’ve exceeded the amount of Weight Watcher points that I’m allowed to have. I feel positively angelic to be honest – like my Weight Watcher wings should be getting fitted any day now (HAH!) – but I was still feeling nervous getting on the scales this morning. It’s starting to feel like that guilty feeling you get going through customs control at the airport. You KNOW you haven’t anything with you that … Continue reading

Not a Good Disney Night at the Oscars

This year Disney’s various movie companies were nominated for around 20 Oscars at the 2007 Academy Awards held last night. I had hoped for a win for “Cars”, if only to justify my boys’ adoration for the movie, but unfortunately the talking cars were outclassed by the dancing penguins in the best animated feature category, and Melissa Etheridge’s “I Need to Wake Up” from Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” ousted “Cars” from the best original song category. From the movie point of view, I actually think that “An Inconvenient Truth” was better than “Cars” (don’t tell my boys I said … Continue reading

Disney Animated Movies – Lightening the Anxiety Load

I’m a huge advocate for Disney animated movies. Apart from the fact that I still love to watch them myself, I’ve allowed my boys to watch them from being babies. In fact for the first year, the only other screen “entertainment” they watched were the Baby Einstein videos (now also part of the Disney stable). It wasn’t until very recently however that I realized how much I could bless Disney for the thought that goes into these movies for little people. I’ve long seen either a Disney story of a historical/mythical theme unfold on the screen. I’ve also – in … Continue reading

Momma’s on a Diet: Weight Watchers Points System

I’m following the Weight Watchers points system in my weight loss journey. Despite the fact that I’ve followed this path in the past without much success, I’m actually enjoying it this time. I’m not sure why – it’s the same program! With the Weight Watchers points system all food is allocated a “points” value. This is calculated using some formula that uses both the amount of calories and saturated fat in the item. Each person following the program is allocated a specific number of “points” per day which is calculated depending upon your current weight, and how active your lifestyle … Continue reading

Momma’s Can Be Wrong!

Following on from yesterday’s blog entry about packing away the Christmas Disney videos and DVDs, I thought I’d post an update on how it went last night. The short answer is that it didn’t quite go according to plan! I had thought that if the videos and DVDs were missing from the shelf, they wouldn’t notice because they’d be too interested in finding something to watch from what is there. Guess what? Momma’s can be wrong! Apparently I’m a very mean momma because I’ve taken their “bestest” videos away – and if I really loved them, I wouldn’t have done … Continue reading

Momma’s on a Diet: So What’s Missing?

I’m now on week 4 of my diet and it’s going rather well – even if I do say so myself. I’m now 17 lb lighter than when I started. That’s without depriving myself of food, or even doing any exercise! The program is working for me. I will get to the exercise in the next few weeks, really I will – I’m even motivated to do this because I’ve seen such terrible photos of people who’ve lost a lot of weight and then had all this saggy redundant skin to carry around! But for now, my eating habits are … Continue reading

Christmas Must Come to an End – Even for Disney

Ok, I’ve done it. I’ve bitten the bullet and finally put down my foot with an authoritative hand and all the other associated clichés you can think of. The time has come to put the Disney Christmas videos and DVDs away until the Holiday season is upon us once more. It’s almost the end of February for goodness sake – you’d think the boys would be sick of watching Disney characters getting snowed in at the House of Mouse, or Donald’s nephews reliving Christmas Day over and over until they do it right, or even Minnie and Daisy having their … Continue reading