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I specialize in Family/Marriage Counseling, Employment and Career Counseling, Personal issues, and Workshops, with special focus on counseling services for families. My values include: -Committed to professionalism and competence. -Relate to others with integrity, sensitivity, caring, and genuineness. -Respect the dignity of all persons.

Tips for Saving Water-Damaged Family Photos

For the genealogist or family historian, family photos are very valuable. However, over time, pictures can suffer damage. Mold and mildew, excessive temperature variation, dust and dirt, direct sunlight, and water can deteriorate fragile images. What can be done to fix water-damaged photos? Restoration Utilizing a soft cloth (not paper), softly blot the photograph to dry it. (Do not rub!) Use photo imaging software to enhance the image. Several packages permit you to restore mislaid items (body parts, scenery, etc.) by drawing them in on your computer. For instance, if Uncle Jethro’s left arm is damaged in the photo, you … Continue reading

Getting Answers to Genealogy Questions

Genealogy exploration can be completed, in great part, through libraries and online exploration. Lots of documents are public information and can be accessed through a little of digging. However, family memories can actually flesh out your genealogical research, making your ancestors better known to you and your readers. Here are a few things that can be discovered by asking family members: Descriptions Quiz your oldest relatives to see what they remember concerning their parents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. What were these relatives like? What did they do for a living? How did they spend their holidays and free time? … Continue reading

More Tips for Using the Family History Library

The most annoying, yet addictive part of investigating your family history is that you never know what you will discover in your research. This is where Family Group Records, the resources you have noted from your pre-exploration of the Family History Library Catalog comes in handy. Family History Centers differ in their dimension and kinds of records accessible. As such you should make sure that your initial stop is with the volunteers. Request their help finding the CDs or fiche rolls that will most likely hold the information you are searching for. Also, if you are a stranger to fiche … Continue reading

Tips For Using the Family History Library System

Documenting a family’s history amid the generations is one of the trendiest pastimes. Fortunately for the recreational and the specialized genealogists, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), commonly known as the Mormons, has developed a reports store that covers hundreds of years. These reports incorporate census reports, birth reports, death indexes, court proceedings, newspapers, obituaries, and dozens of additional sources of information. In addition to the major library in Salt Lake City, Utah, LDS has made these records accessible free of charge to the public, in spite of spiritual association, through more than 3,600 Family History Centers. … Continue reading

Reviews: CyndisList.com

Cyndi’s List is the invention of famous genealogist Cyndi Howell. For new and seasoned genealogists it is an important tool in their search procedure. What has made Cyndi’s list such a fundamental research tool for 13 years is that not merely does it have a huge store of links that are updated frequently, but also the site is simple to navigate. When you arrive on the home page of Cyndi’s List, you are faced with the Main Index. Under A you will discover amid other things, Acadian, Cajun and Creole (106 links), Adoption (191 links) and Africa (203 links) and … Continue reading

Ways To Utilize Deed, Wills and Probate Records in Your Genealogy Research

Early in my family research I discovered the importance of land documents. I discerned the maiden name of my great, great grandmother; however I did not recognize the name of her parents. In exploring her surname, I found a will and though it did not provide me the answer it gave a hint. Searching more I found a mortgage deed in which two of the sons stated in the will was selling the land inherited from their father and the mortgage was for the gain of the children of their late brother. You can bet I was thrilled when I … Continue reading

The Significance of Tracing Our Roots

One of the world’s most popular hobbies is genealogy. Those of you reading this can most likely say that you have, in any case, experimented slightly or have previously been bitten by the genealogy bug. What is genealogy, anyhow? Derived from the Greek language, the word genealogy means the learning of history and descent. The written history of a family is described as a family tree or a pedigree. Let’s look at why people attempt to find something concerning their ancestors. We who have been doing this for a while discern what an obsession it can become. It begins as … Continue reading

Tips on How to Plan a Family Reunion

Perhaps hearing Uncle Sid’s fishing tales and watching Great aunt Betty readjust her dentures aren’t your preferred family memories, however reunions are one of the best ways to build new memories and assist younger generations learn about their ancestors. Setting up such an event can be overwhelming, as so many people are concerned. However with a little organization family reunion can be a huge achievement. Foremost, select a small committee to complete different tasks. Consider allotting people to the following parts: food, activities, decorations, finances, and communication. Communication Choose how extensive you want the family reunion to be. Select one … Continue reading

Embracing Your Single Parent Status

Parenting is a huge responsibility for a couple, and more so for a single parent. The stress you will have to go through can be great, if you do have some support. You will find yourself getting more contented as a single parent without good planning. Here are some tips to consider: Financial Arrangement You must arrange for the education, living expenses, health care, and luxury goods for you, and your kids. Remember that your children needs and wants will just keep increasing as they grow up. Communication and Support for Your Children You require all the assistance you can … Continue reading

Guidelines for a Specialized Scrapbook Layout

To include a specialized touch to your scrapbook layout, there are a small number of easy techniques that will add some polish without distracting from the personality of your memories. Autograph Style If you are forming a scrapbook for a particular occasion, stick with similar colors and writing style throughout. For instance, if you begin out writing captions onto card, it is a good idea to keep it up all the way through rather than to begin writing straight onto the page half way through. If you are planning on utilizing stickers or cutout shapes find ones that harmonize with … Continue reading