About Marjorie Dorfman

Marjorie Dorfman is a freelance writer and former teacher originally from Brooklyn, New York. A graduate of New York University School of Education, she now lives in Doylestown, PA, with quite a few cats that keep her on her toes at all times. Originally a writer of ghostly and horror fiction, she has branched out into the world of humorous non-fiction writing in the last decade. Many of her stories have been published in various small presses throughout the country during the last twenty years. Her book of stories, "Tales For A Dark And Rainy Night", reflects her love and respect for the horror and ghost genre.

More Closet Shelving Thoughts

There are many decisions to make once you decide to design shelving for your closet, and you have to act quickly before the clutter takes over the room and your mind. Think things through before you start and you will have less trouble down the cluttered road to organization. Read on, if you dare. Wire Rack and Shelving Units There are two basic organizational structures that work well with closets: wire rack shelving and shelving units. In the former, a system of prefabricated hangers and brackets hold lightweight wire shelving coated with rubber. They are similar in design and available … Continue reading

Closet Shelving: It’s Time!

Can you find what you are looking for whenever you open the door to your dreaded closets? If your house is anything like mine, even the skeletons in there are cluttered, and it’s time to wake up, smell the coffee and be counted (or something like that). Read on for some tips, if you dare. Designing Your Closet Shelving This step should be done before you go out and buy supplies and will save you time and money if you do so. Like all journeys, closet shelving begins with a single step and in this case, it involves making a … Continue reading

Cleaning Those Trinkets and Treasures

Our dressing tables and those items that adorn our appearance need special treatment in order to do their job. They help to keep us looking our best, and as such, we can’t forget or ignore them. Here are some tips for those trinkets and treasures that live in your house. Read on, whether you prefer gold or silver. Amber Jewelry Mineral oil on a soft cloth will do wonders for your amber pieces. Rub the oil on gently and then buff dry with a soft cloth. Pearls, Cultured and Otherwise Apply a little olive oil to a soft cloth to … Continue reading

Closet and Wardrobe Care

It is said that clothes make the man and we can only assume that means the woman as well. But what do we really do for them? Their care is very important for it insures their longevity and possibly even our own. (There’s a price one pays for nudity, I hear.) In any case, here are some tips to keep those duds of yours sparkling, fresh and as cool as the day you bought them. Read on, if you dare. Fresh Fragrance Hang some lavender in your closet. Wrap some sprigs in a piece of muslin and tie it with … Continue reading

Cleaning Your Car

Our cars get us where we need to go but when you really think about it, what do we do for them? Do we appreciate the shine of the chrome, the sparkle of the windows and the smell of the air freshener? Do we nurture our vehicles? (It’s not enough to register them anymore.) Here are a few tips to help you keep those cars clean and happy. Engine Cleaning Prepare a mixture of 1 part waterless hand cleaner and 4 parts hot water. Pour into a spray bottle and apply the spray directly to the engine of your car … Continue reading

Cleaning Decks and Driveways

To prepare for warmer weather and the enjoyment of the great outdoors, namely the yard and its environs, is a huge task. If you live in a region where it’s warm all the time, you probably get no sleep at all, what with the inside and outside of the house needing attention all of the time. But have no fear. Help and rest are on the way. Read on for some tips even if you don’t need a nap at the moment. Deck Mold Full strength apple vinegar when applied to a wooden deck is very effective in removing mold. … Continue reading

Outdoor Living And…Dirt

The great out-of-doors offers no escape from the world of dirt and grime. Keeping your backyard safe from bacteria and for democracy is a tireless task, and one must always be on top of it. Sleep may come to the weary, but dust and dirt are alive and dancing 24/7. Here’s some help even if you are tired. BBQ Cleaning Get your grill to clean as if it were a self-cleaning oven by placing a sheet of aluminum foil on the grill, shiny side down. Turn the flame on high and leave the BBQ closed for a few minutes. Another … Continue reading

Garden Tools and Their Care

Taking care of a garden requires hard work and the proper tools. They too need their special care if they are to continue to their best job for you and your garden. Here are some thoughts about how to treat them right. Read on, even if you are not an equal opportunity employer. Good Old Reliable Rust To avoid rust, store all small garden tools and the heads of your larger ones in a mixture of fine sand and old motor oil. Small tools will easily fit in a bucket while larger items may require a small tub. If rust … Continue reading

Cleaning Up The Garden Path

To be led along the garden path is an old expression, but it has new meaning when you are responsible for maintaining that path and the view from all points leading to it. Here are some tips so you won’t stray from the straight and narrow as well as the crooked and the wide. Read on if you dare. Unwanted Growth One way to kill the weeds growing between your patio stones and to get away without jail time is to replace them with plants. Plant some attractive ground cover seeds between the walkway stones. As they increase, they will … Continue reading

More Garden Clutter Tips

Maintaining a home and its surroundings is a full time job in and of itself. Like no other employment there are no fringe benefits; no vacation pay, salary raises or promotions. There is one bonus, however, and that is the end result of your diligent attention and care. Read on, even if you have never been “employee of the month.” Bagging Leaves Rake grass clippings and leaves onto old bed sheets or a tarp. Then fold the sheet over the leaves and drag it to your compost pile. Both your lawn and your back will thank you for it. Compost … Continue reading