Making Parent-Teacher Conferences Successful

Typically, schools hold parent-teacher conferences with parents one to two times a year. Many times, parents dread these conferences because of how they are set up, how they are run and due to the time constraints of the parent, how long they take. What can teachers and schools do to help make parent-teacher conferences successful? According to the NEA (National Education Association) teachers can do a lot to help alleviate some of the problems that arise at parent-teacher conferences. The first thing teachers need to do is schedule the conference based on what date and time the parents have previously … Continue reading

The Week in Review for Education

It has been a fairly busy week for the topic of education. What were the topics that were covered this week in education? On Monday, Kaye posted a blog about what it was like to teach in a last chance school. You can read the article here. Teaching in a last chance school is unlike teaching anywhere else. Kaye certainly seemed to enjoy it though! Kaye also posted a blog on Monday about how much teachers spend out of their own pockets for teaching supplies. These supplies are not reimbursed and can often set the teacher back quite a bit … Continue reading

Can You Describe the Perfect Teacher?

It seems lately that I have heard so many people talking negatively about their child’s school and teacher (not on this board, of course!). Besides the fact that it makes me want to tear my hair out and tell the people to homeschool (I know; not an option for every parent, but if all they can do is complain then perhaps they can teach their child better than a teacher can) if they aren’t happy with the education their child is getting, it has also left me wondering. What do people want in a teacher? So there it is, my … Continue reading

What it Takes to Be A Teacher

So many people have asked me what it takes to be a teacher. They wonder if I got into teaching solely to have my summers off. This always made me laugh, because for several summers I taught summer school. The other summers I took graduate courses, paying with my own money. So, having my summer off wasn’t why I went into teaching. It was nice to have extra days off, but it surely wasn’t the reason. I have to say if people go into teaching only because they want summers off, then they certainly don’t have what it takes to … Continue reading

American Education Week is Coming Up!

American Education Week is coming up from November 12th to November 18th, are you ready to celebrate America’s educational system? Did you know that there even was an education week for celebrating? Me either, and I was a teacher in the public school setting for almost ten years. Too bad no one told me there was an entire week for celebrating education. I guess that is because every week should be spent celebrating education and the folks that do the educating! This year’s theme for American Education Week is, Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility. This year’s … Continue reading

Schools Continue to Fight Bullying

A new way of reporting a bully, threats or other violence is emerging in schools throughout the country. Just what is it? Schools are setting up special email accounts for students to write and send in reports of threats or bullies anonymously. Schools are also offering a hotline where students or concerned parents can call to report threats without giving their name. Everything is completely anonymous. What will this do for school safety? Or better yet, what do schools hope this will do to keep their school safe? Many schools that are implementing this bully/threat reporting system are hoping that … Continue reading

I Love

Has anyone heard of this wonderful website? I spoke in another blog about how much teachers spend of their own money every year for their classrooms and their students. Teachers do it because it is necessary and because it enhances the learning experience of the students in the classroom Because it can be a pretty big financial burden for teachers each year to spend this money out of their own pockets, there is a great website that wants to help. is a free donor site that matches people who wish to donate school supplies with the teachers who need … Continue reading

Ability Level Grouping and School

What do you think of grouping students in schools according to ability level? Grouping students according to ability would mean that students would be tracked and grouped by their ability levels. Low-level learners would be grouped together while higher-level learners would be grouped together. Can you see this type of situation working? Is it beneficial to any learner at any school? People who believe that ability level grouping is a positive thing believe that this grouping allows teachers to focus on specific instruction for a specific level of student. Supporters of ability level grouping believe that it also allows for … Continue reading

Making In-School Suspension Work

In-school suspension. Does it really work? Is it really effective? Many teachers and schools believe that having students who are suspended serve the suspension in school is much better than having students serve the suspension outside of school. After all, students are bound to learn a lesson if they are in school being monitored and given work to do rather than at home where they may potentially goof off. Due to this, many schools are reevaluating their in-school suspension strategy to work a bit better and be more beneficial to the student. In essence, schools are trying to make this … Continue reading

Now That’s a Lot of Money! Teachers and Non-Reimbursed Spending

Teaching isn’t a profession that you can just walk into and expect to make the big bucks, and most teachers know this. A lot of new teachers most likely won’t find out until they step into their classroom for the first time that besides making pretty low amounts of dough, they will also be using cash out of their own pockets for school supplies throughout the year. I don’t know a lot of other professions that spend the amount that teachers do on supplies. I think you may be amazed at just how much a teacher spends per year for … Continue reading