About a month or so ago, I penned a blog regarding priorities. I noted that Miriam’s recent article on the same subject caused me to rethink how I was distributing my time in relation to my activities, both religious and otherwise. As I continued to think on the subject, I ended up deciding that I would have to hang up my blogging pen to focus more on other parts of my life. If you don’t know, my family is living a rather unorthodox existence right now. With four children ranging from a six year old down to a newborn, we … Continue reading

Padding the Resume

Last week, our stake held a career workshop. One of our stay-at-home moms came back revitalized. She confessed that she had always been nervous about jobhunting because she felt her resume to be weak. After the workshop, she realized her many strengths, proven both at home and at church. Although many of us reading this are called to be stay-at-home moms, there are times that mothers enter the workplace. We may take jobs when our children are grown, or we may have the task of supporting our family thrust upon us by the divorce, death, or disablement of our spouse. … Continue reading

Chronology of the Old Testament

I have a confession to make. My scriptural knowledge is fairly weak in the realm of the Old Testament. That must be why I was called to teach the book for Seminary this year! I have been preparing for the calling all summer, and along the way, have learned a wide variety of things. One of them has dramatically shifted my understanding of the Old Testament. That is: the Old Testament is not in chronological order. I always assumed that the first part of the Bible was like most of the Book of Mormon or New Testament, that each book … Continue reading

LDS Family Week in Review: August 19-25

From genealogy to temple marriage to Education Week at BYU, we’ve covered the gauntlet of topics in the LDS blog this week. Monday, August 20th: In Online Genealogy, we discussed some ways to research our family tree from the comfort of our own home. Tuesday August 21st: In Obtaining the Records, we talked about how to get hold of the physical pages in our family tree. In Serving in the Primary: Primary Pianist, we discussed the important role of music in our children’s worship. Wednesday August 22nd: In Dinner Discussions 2007 Week 31, we reviewed what was studied in church … Continue reading

Camping Out

I just came home from an awesome Relief Society activity. We had a campfire right in the middle of the Primary room, told scary stories, and had an awesome time bonding. And we managed to host a visiting teaching seminar, as well. I’d like to pass on this great idea, courtesy of our President. First, the setting. We were originally planning to host the campout in the chapel, but we decided that the Primary room was more cozy – and it was. We built a campfire right in the middle of the floor. Not a real fire, of course (although … Continue reading

Obtaining the Records

In this modern age, too many people believe that whatever you see on the internet is true. This applies even in genealogy; I have heard many people state that they found their family tree online and so the work is done. No family tree appears automatically online; someone has placed it there through their own research. And while I’m fairly certain that those who put their trees online do so with the best of intentions, the fact is, mistakes are made. Many years ago, when I was getting started, a woman told me that she had found a genealogy book … Continue reading

Online Genealogy

A few months ago, I talked about doing genealogy from home. I promised to write a blog about researching your family history online and now, at last, I am keeping that promise! As a stay-at-home mom, I have a strong testimony of eternal families and a huge difficulty with doing any research. I’m not wanting my kids to grow up too quickly – I know it will happen faster than I can realize – but one thing I am looking forward to when they are old enough to be without me for a few hours is the research I can … Continue reading

The Week in Review: August 12-18

Our blog this week has ranged from scripture study to serving others to Sunday vacations. Monday, August 13th: In Putting Your Goodies to Good Use, we talked about some great ways to put some of the technological things from the church website to use in our daily lives. And in Dinner Discussions 2007 Week 30, we reviewed our lessons from church on Sunday. Tuesday, August 14th: In General Conference: “The Priesthood-A Sacred Gift”, we discussed President Monson’s talk on the responsibilities that come with the Priesthood. In Dozed and Confused, we discussed sleeping in church. In Do You Have Time … Continue reading

Top 10 Signs Someone Has Just Come Off a Mission

Every member ought to be a missionary, but face it, those who have just returned from their missions really stand out. Here are just a few clues that the person you met at church has just been released from serving a full time mission. 1. In every activity, from ward car washes to cleaning up a park, they show up in their Sunday best. Suits and ties for the men, full length dresses and hose for the women – even on the hottest summer day! 2. You ask them what their name is and they introduce themselves as Elder or … Continue reading

Helping Those Who Don’t Want Help

It can be so difficult when we try to help someone who doesn’t seem to want real help. So many people want support with the here-and-now but have a hard time focusing on the long term. In situations where people don’t seem to want real assistance, it can be difficult to stay motivated in helping out. For instance, suppose you have a family that is struggling to make ends meet. A single mom, perhaps, working minimum wage. Her primary concern is getting her children fed on a daily basis. In such a state, she has difficulty realizing that it would … Continue reading