Even More Inexpensive or Free Advertising Options For Your Scrapbooking Home Business

You have decided you really love the idea of getting paid to do something you love. Hopefully you have researched the many direct sales companies out there and you are familiar with the way they work and like the idea of becoming a scrapbooking consultant. If this is you, then here are even more inexpensive or free advertising options for your scrapbooking home business. Set up at the craft fair, flea market or garage sale. If you create layouts, cards or even are able to stock some supplies or do a few make and takes at your local flea market, … Continue reading

Inexpensive or Free Advertising Options For Your Scrapbooking Home Business

From Creative Memories to Close to My Heart, there are several scrapbooking, stamping or paper crafting home business companies that you can become a consultant for. Most scrapbookers would love the opportunity to have their own scrapbooking business and be allowed to be creative and crop all day. Most people would love to have their own business and get to set their own hours, as well as work from home or in their pajamas from time to time. The one complaint I hear the most often when faced with the choice of becoming a consultant is, “I don’t know anyone.” … Continue reading

What Do I Do With the First Page of a Scrapbook Album?

The first page of a scrapbook album is one of those lone pages that many scrapbookers find it difficult to work with. It is that one page that just sits staring openly at you when you have at least a two page layout to complete. For a lot of scrapbookers, one page layouts don’t exist in their world, so it presents a challenge in their flow of layouts. So what do you do with the first page? If you are a one page scrapbooker, you have no problems because it is easy to create that layout for the front page … Continue reading

Organizing and Storing Your Scrapbooking Ideas

It would be wonderful if we all came equipped with the ability to store all of the awesome ideas that we see or would like to try, in our brains. Unfortunately that is not the case, so that leaves us with the decision on how we plan to store any ideas we come across. Here are some popular ways to organize your ideas, inspiration and other items that are a challenge to store. Bulletin Boards/Magnetic Boards Having been in the scrapbooking world for quite some time, I have seen many scrapbookers who only save a handful of ideas to use … Continue reading

Using Wall Space In Your Scrap Area

Whether your scrapbook area is small or large, there is bound to be some wall space available that you can utilize to get more organized, use as storage or at least to use for inspiration. If you are a scrapbooker without a designated space, you might consider doing this in a closet or room that nobody sees if it bothers you, otherwise you can find other ways to increase your space. Almost every single organizing book I have ever read, has mentioned utilizing unused wall space for storage or organizing. Build up. Large floor to ceiling bookshelves are one way … Continue reading

New Years Scrapbooking

I made a resolution this year to spend way more time than I did last year on my actual scrapbooking. I’m sure those that read my articles and posts think that I must spend hours a day scrapbooking and paper crafting with as much as I talk about it, but that is not actually the case. Because of my writing jobs, I find less and less time to actually get lost in layouts and I tend to procrastinate a lot. When I do finally get free time or am up for rewarding myself for finishing a block of articles for … Continue reading

Setting Scrapbooking Goals for the New Year

For whatever reason, when December 31st rolls around each year, I have this insistent need to create resolutions in my life to follow the next year. Of course, like just about everyone else, I don’t always follow all of them. However, I am a goal setter, and often times this is the way I can accomplish more. Instead of resolutions, I tend to call them goals. Setting goals in your personal life is one thing, but why would anyone set goals for scrapbooking? The reasons are simple – it allows you to focus clearly on what it is you want … Continue reading

Celebrating Your Blended Family at Holiday Time

Last night we decided to follow one of our favorite traditions. Usually we bring out the scrapbook from the previous year and look at everything we have done up until that point. It was a big disappointment, because I have not get up to date with my albums, and honestly I took very sporadic photographs throughout the year. Leave it to my beautiful children to save the day however, and they did just that. Instead of truly getting frustrated with me, it started a conversation about the fact that it was our 3rd Christmas together. We began recalling memories created … Continue reading

Christmas Eve and Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is so therapeutic. I know it isn’t just that way for me, as I hear other scrapbookers relate stories about how they get lost in their memories and creations and forget about everyday stresses. This is why I am always talking about how important it is to make time for it, when it seems that there isn’t any. Those memories will only live on if you make them live on, by creating scrapbook pages to remind our loved ones of the times we shared together. Christmas is upon us, I wish every single one of you, a Happy Holiday … Continue reading

Organize an In-Home Swap

Most scrapbookers have heard of a swap, and connect it with pages and page elements that are swapped between a group of scrapbookers of a designated swap. But there are other types of swaps that are beneficial and loads of fun. Consider organizing an in-home swap to eliminate some of your stash, and perhaps get some items that you might actually use. You know what they say, “One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”, and selling or swapping unwanted items, really does work. Especially with scrapbooking items, because a theme you might have leftovers from, someone else might just be … Continue reading