Camera Features Of Interest

I am constantly amazed at the features that camera manufacturers are incorporating into their new models. A few of the features that caught my eye were face detection, GPS positioning and Wi-Fi. Face Detection: This feature has actually been offered on cameras in the market for several months. Fuji has a camera that will detect up to 10 faces in any one photo. It recognizes the faces and automatically prioritizes them with the face closest to the lens getting the highest priority. Then the camera adjusts the focus and exposure to ensure a sharp and crisp photo of the face … Continue reading

Manual Focus For The Right Photo

Spring is finally here in West Tennessee. Flowers are blooming; my allergies are in high gear to prove it. The warmer weather always brings my family outside. One our favorite things to do in the spring is go to the ball field to watch our friend’s son play baseball. Of course I never go to the ball park without my camera. I noticed recently that my Nikon D50 camera had a horribly long delay in the auto focus that I was missing the action a lot of photographs. Normally I am quite lazy and want everything done for me when … Continue reading

Depth of Field – Simplified Explaination

Depth of field is one of those photography terms that professionals use all the time but what does it actually mean? The depth of field is the distance in front and behind your subject that appears in focus. For example, if you take a photo of a flower with a short depth of field the foreground and background will be blurred eliminating surrounding distractions while just focusing on the single flower subject. Increasing the f-stop or f-number creates a smaller aperture (hole for the lens) which also creates a larger depth of field. Wow that was a mouth full and … Continue reading

Plan Ahead Vacation Photography Tips

We have been having some horrible storms in the southeast over the past couple of weeks. But the temperatures have been rising and the sun has been shinning in between storms. I have spring fever really bad. My husband and I have been talking about where we want to go and what we want to do for summer vacation. Here are a few photography tips to plan ahead for your summer vacation. Charge your camera before you leave home. If you have a rechargeable battery it is a good idea to purchase a spare battery. And don’t forget to pack … Continue reading

Digital Photo Frames

I have been kicking myself for months for not buying a digital photo frame at Christmas. My husband and I were out Christmas shopping in early December and the local discount store had the digital photo frames on sale. I had one in my hand and even had my husband’s approval if I wanted it as a Christmas present. The practical mom in me said I would wait until I did a little research and I have been kicking myself ever since. Over the weekend I finally had some spare time to start doing a little internet research on digital … Continue reading

DVD Photo Slide Show-Thoughts of Granddad

After several weekends of scanning old photos of my husband’s extended family I finally finished the DVD photo slide show today. The slide show includes over four hundred photos of my husband side of the family dating back over 100 years. Last night my husband gave me the final music for the DVD slide show and he knew I was finishing it today. Usually he doesn’t take much of an interest in my projects. I was stunned when he asked if it was finished and if he could watch it. For my husband it was quite a walk down memory … Continue reading

Tips for Photographing People

I like taking photos of still life and landscapes for fun. It gives me the opportunity to use my creative talents. But I think photos of people are the best type of photos. Unfortunately people also make some of the worst subjects. In the last couple of weeks I have scanned hundreds of old family photographs for my slide show projects. The photos of people fascinate me more than photos of any other subject. What makes a good photo of a person? I think capturing the person’s personality, character and emotion gives the viewer of the photo a connection to … Continue reading

Tips for Photo Sorting

Not only do I have all the photos I have taken in the last 25 years but I have the majority of photos from our extended family also. It started several years ago when my mother in law handed me a box full of old photographs. Then my husband’s grandmother passed away and no one in the family wanted the photos. That is my son’s history there was no way I would let anyone throw those photos away. Out of necessity I had to come up with a creative way to sort and store the mountain of photographs that were … Continue reading

Making Sense of Megapixels

If you have gone to purchase a new digital camera lately you are probably overwhelmed with the technical terms that go along with the process. Megapixel is one of the key factors you need to consider when purchasing a camera. A pixel is actually a picture element. Megapixel is 1 million pixels or 1 million picture elements. Have I lost you yet? Why should you care about megapixels? The best analogy for me to use will hopefully be understood by the ladies in the audience. I compare megapixels to thread count in your sheets. The higher the megapixels number the … Continue reading

Camera Repair, Refurbish or Replace

One of my friends emailed me yesterday. She dropped her digital camera and now it isn’t working quite right. For most of us cameras are a large investment. Not to mention all the photos she is missing due to not having a working camera. Her daughter is a very active teenager, participates in several extracurricular activities and many different sports. She wanted to know my opinion if she should repair it, get a refurbished one or possibly replace it. The camera is powering on fine, she can take one photo, the screen goes dark and she can’t take another photo. … Continue reading