The Most Popular Baby Names of 2016

Every year, the Social Security Administration releases a list of the most popular baby names from the previous year. There is a list for names given to baby girls, and another list of names given to baby boys. In general, the lists change – even if only slightly – from one year to the next. The Social Security Administration uses specific qualifications regarding the names that end up on the list. Names are restricted to cases where the year of birth, sex, and State of birth (50 and District of Columbia) are on record, and where the given name is … Continue reading

New Jersey has a Baby Box Initiative

New Jersey has become the first state to adopt what has been called the Baby Box initiative. The idea comes from Finland and is also used in Canada. The main purpose of the program is to reduce the chances of sudden infant death syndrome. The New Jersey Baby Box Initiative was inspired by the Finnish Baby Box intervention, which has led to Finland having the lowest infant mortality rates in the world. New Jersey’s Child Fatality & Near Fatality Review Board (CFNFRB) now offers free Baby Boxes to every new or expecting family in New Jersey. The Baby Box itself … Continue reading

ACOG Released a New Opinion on Delayed Cord Clamping

For decades, the prevailing viewpoint among healthcare practitioners was that it was best to cut the umbilical cord within 15 to 20 seconds after a baby was born. A new opinion from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists changes their previous recommendations regarding delayed umbilical cord clamping after birth. The umbilical cord functions as a lifeline between mother and baby. The baby receives oxygen rich blood from his or her mother through the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord is also the baby’s way of removing carbon dioxide and waste products. For decades, health practitioners would clamp the umbilical cord, … Continue reading

The New Year’s Babies of 2017

There are babies born every day of the year, but the babies born on New Year’s Eve, or New Year’s Day, get the most attention from the news channels and websites. These babies experience a moment of fame shortly after being born. Here is a quick look at some of the New Year’s Babies of 2017. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016. This inspired some parents who are Cubs fans to give their newborns names that commemorate that historic win. Some of these newborns were New Year’s babies. Wrigley Rose has the unofficial honor of being the … Continue reading

Changing Stations are Coming to Men’s Bathrooms

  At home, either parent can easily change their baby’s diaper. Outside of the home, moms will find a changing table in almost every bathroom. Men’s bathrooms, however, often lack changing tables. The BABIES Act will put changing tables into more men’s bathrooms across the country. There was a time when the social norm was moms changed diapers and dads did almost no childcare. Today, it is normal for both moms and dads to do hands on childcare with their babies. Years ago, I would see a mom out pushing a stroller or carrying her baby in a sling. Today, … Continue reading

Help for Families in the “Diaper Gap”

Families with newborns quickly learn that diapers are expensive. Many families struggle to be able to afford enough diapers for their babies. This leads to difficult choices like whether to spend money on food, diapers, or utility bills. The Obama administration has a plan that utilizes technology to help solve this problem. Nearly one in three Americans cannot afford to purchase enough diapers for their babies. In some cases, parents cope by stretching the length of time between diaper changes. This can lead to serious health problems for babies and parents. Babies can end up with urinary tract or staph … Continue reading

How to Prevent Your Baby from Developing Scurvy

It is not often that you hear of someone developing scurvy in today’s world. Scurvy was once a disease that afflicted pirates and explorers in the 18th century. That doesn’t mean that people no longer catch this (now rare) disease. A baby in Spain was diagnosed with scurvy. How can you prevent your baby from developing this disease? A study was published in the journal Pediatrics that parents should take note of. Researchers found that a baby in Spain had developed scurvy, and set out to find out how that happened. In short, they determined that it was due to … Continue reading

Canadian Moms to Receive Finland Baby Boxes

Mothers in Canada are about to start receiving the popular maternity package that mothers in Finland have been receiving for 75 years. It is a maternity package from the government that is designed to be a starter kit of baby supplies. In Finland, an expectant mother will be given a box full of baby supplies by the state. This tradition dates back to the 1930’s, and is given to all infants in Finland, from all social backgrounds. The Finland Baby Boxes includes the following items: * Mattress, mattress cover, under sheet, duvet cover, blanket, sleeping bag/quilt * Snowsuit, hat, insulated … Continue reading

Parents Are Naming Their Babies After Instagram Filters

Parents tend to put a lot of thought into the names that they will give their babies. Often, a baby will be given the name of an ancestor. Sometimes, baby names are influenced by pop culture. For the first time ever, the internet appears to be a source of inspiration for baby names. Parents are actually naming their babies after Instagram filters. BabyCenter puts together an annual list of the most popular baby names of the year. The names that make the list are the ones that were given to the most children in a specific year. The trendy Instagram … Continue reading

Good Reasons to Use Cloth Diapers

There was a time when the only option mothers had was to use cloth diapers. Today, parents can pickup packages of plastic, disposable, diapers from any grocery store. Not all parents are doing that, however. It appears that cloth diapers are making a comeback. There are plenty of good reasons to use cloth diapers. According to Vogue, cloth diapers are becoming trendy, especially for parents who are part of the Millennial generation. Scientific American says that climate change is the issue of the Millennial generation. Cloth diapers are much better for the planet than disposable diapers are. According to the … Continue reading