Baby Blog Week in Review: August 11th Through August 17th

Have you seen the Reborn Babies? What do you think of them? Check out the posts about Reborn Babies, as well as lots more from this past week.

August 11th

Baby Blog Week in Review: August 4th Through August 10th

Did you catch the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony? We all enjoyed watching most of it as a family and thought it was spectacular. Did you find yourself bouncing or rocking along to the music? Recent research shows that bouncing your baby to music may affect his later music preference in life. We have this story, plus more this past week. Catch up on what you might have missed.

August 13th

Are Reborn Babies Scary and Harmful?

I have to tread lightly on this topic, because the whole thing is a little disturbing to me. Lifelike baby dolls, dubbed Reborn Babies or a Reborn Baby, started out being made and traded by a handful of enthusiasts in the United Kingdom. These dolls have since turned into a trend that many say is macabre and scary. Some psychologists worry about the mental sanity of those who own these dolls, and the dolls have wrecked social havoc on a number of occasions.

August 14th

Are Reborn Babies Scary and Harmful? Continued

Have you seen the Reborn Baby dolls? They are in the center of a controversy. Some say these dolls are cute and cuddly, while others see them as creepy and macabre. I tend to lean toward the second group. (If you missed the first part of this article, please click here to catch up: Are Reborn Babies Scary and Harmful?

August 15th

Signs Your Baby May Be Ready for the Olympics

You know that your little one is special, but did you ever wonder if he or she is the next Michael Phelps, Katie Hoff or Nastia Liukin? Sometimes raw talent can be recognized very early. Here are some tongue-in-cheek ways that you can tell if your baby is headed for the Olympics.

August 16th

Mothers Determine How Well Father Takes Care of Baby

When it comes to how involved fathers are in caring for their infants, it seems that moms are the gatekeepers. According to a study published in the Journal of Family Psychology this past June, mothers play a critical role in determining how much and how well a father takes care of his infant.

August 17th

What Is that Growing Red Spot on My Baby?

If you notice a rapidly growing red spot on your infant, it could be an infantile hemangioma, which is a reddish skin tumor that is usually noticed by one month of age. I’ll discuss what an infantile hemangioma is all about

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