Baby Naming Trend – Downton Abbey

Normally, baby naming trends don’t get my attention. Some parents like popular names, while others do their best to stay away from any and all top ten or top one hundred type lists of baby names. Personally, I never checked a list when my husband and I were choosing names for our sons. We chose names that we liked, and we have no idea how popular they are. What matters to us is that they seem to fit our sons perfectly, and we hope that when they get older they feel the same way about their names as we do.

Now that I am not looking for baby names, I sometimes look at baby naming lists and trends for fun. My recently acquired obsession with the television show, “Downton Abbey” got me to wondering whether the show has had an impact on baby naming trends. From what I can see, plenty of people are as obsessed with the show as I am, and some of these people are turning to “Downton Abbey” for baby name inspiration. That may be a good thing, since the names of many of the characters are names that have been around for a while and evoke a sense of elegance and class.

“Downton Abbey” is a period drama, set in the 1920’s. Of course, if you are considering a baby name that is inspired by the show, you already know that. Some of the names that you may want to think about for a baby girl include Violet, Cora, Sybil, Edith, Mary, Isobel, and Rose. If you are having a baby boy, why not go with a classic name like Matthew, Henry, George, William, or Charles. Alternatively, some of the male characters have first names that sound like last names, like Bates, David, Durrant, and Turner. Those names would also work well for a little guy.

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