Don’t Let Baby Crowd Your Marriage

When a baby enters your family, the whole world seems to change. There is a lot of joy and happiness to go around. Each new day is beautiful and special, and as a mother, you look at life in a whole new way. It truly is miraculous. But, there is something else that comes along with babies that you have to be careful about. It is letting that baby control the world in which you and your husband now live. There is always an adjustment period that comes along with each new life you bring into your family. For a … Continue reading

What Makes Your Baby Special?

This past weekend, I got a trip away from my own kiddos to go and meet my precious new niece who is 4 months old. She is my youngest sister’s first baby, and I was thrilled to meet her. I can hardly believe my baby sister has a baby herself. I loved snuggling this new bundle, and seeing her smile was such a delight. Why is it that babies are so enticing? Especially little nieces and nephews? I was astonished at how much she reminded me of my own babies. All the little sounds, coos, and facial expressions were priceless. … Continue reading

Locked Out Part II

Back to the front door I tried to shake and wiggle it unlocked. No luck.  I tried to slip a hand saw from the garage between the screen and door frame. No luck.  I tried to push in the screen in order to squeeze my hand in to unlock the lock. No luck.  I called my husband to tell him that we were locked out and that he would have to break the door to get us in and he was in the midst of helping a coworker with a flat tire. He headed home.  I was freezing but the … Continue reading

Locked Out Part I

I hate to admit it but it is one of my biggest fears to find myself locked out.  I am horrified that I might lock my keys in the car or that I might close our locked front door, only to discover that my keys are still inside, which would prevent me from getting into my car with young children (especially in this cold weather).   My three year old son usually does a good job reminding me to make sure that I have important things before we leave the house: “Mom do you have your phone, keys, water, grocery list, … Continue reading

When Mommy’s Away, Baby Will Play

This weekend, I’m going out of town for the first time and leaving my baby home with my husband. It is an exciting time for me because in the almost 7 years that I’ve been a mom, this is the first time I will leave my kids for an entire weekend and not have another person to look after. It is going to be amazing. And, very weird. In fact, I started thinking about how weird it will be for my baby. He pretty much has not left my side since I popped him out 14 months ago. He is … Continue reading

Snow Day Part II

There was not a lot of snow maybe three or four inches, but I was shocked at how terrible the roads were.  None of the roads had been cleared (at this point is is almost eight thirty in the morning).  I carefully drove, with the children safely secured in their car seats, through town.  There were a few hills to tackle and I crossed my fingers that the light at the bottom of one large hill and before another rather large hill would stay green.  Twenty miles per hour was about the safest speed at which to travel even though … Continue reading

Snow Day Part I

The day was planned.  My husband and two of his colleagues were carpooling seventy minutes to one of their company’s retreat houses (a program to help those with substance abuse issues overcome their addictions) to work on training and curriculum development. After taking on a new position in the same company where he has worked for over a year, he spends less time out at the houses and more time working on bettering the program. I also had a busy day planned.  Breakfast at seven in the morning (obviously) so that we can eat with my husband before he goes … Continue reading

A Baby Will Turn You Into Someone Different Than You’ve Ever Imagined

My youngest sister has her first baby now. And, as a result, I think I have become her go-to person when she is wondering anything about motherhood. From breastfeeding, to “what’s that!”, to “should I worry?” questions, it has brought us a little closer as sisters. We are 8 years apart in age, but now it seems like now that she is a Mom, we have plenty to talk about. I look at her reaction to things and smile now that I have have survived 3 newborns. She texted me the other day to let me know that she had … Continue reading

They Broke My Stroller!

I learned a valuable lesson this week. Never take your nice stroller on an airplane. My family and I had to take an unexpected trip to California for a funeral. Flying with a baby always presents challenges, but when you are traveling with a baby, you need as many hands free as possible. So, it is always a good idea to take a stroller with you. My husband and I purchased a stroller when our third was born that was a very expensive brand. We bought it used to save on costs. It has been a great stroller and a … Continue reading

The Bath Time Circus

Giving my kids baths has always been a fun experience when they are babies. They love to splash and kick, the warm water soothes them, and my babies have all loved bath time. But, recently my little guy has become Trouble with a capital “T” at bath time. It is driving me a little crazy. Gone are the days when he would just lay in the water, kick his legs and smile up at me happily. Now, he is a crazy man all over the place. He wants toys to entertain him (understandable since he sees his older siblings with them) … Continue reading