An Interview With A Seasoned Mom of Twins (Plus One)

Today I have a special interview with a mom of preschool twins and a baby. Lulu from Chicagoland has been a stay at home mom for five years and was gracious enough to take a break from her busy routine (at 10:30pm no less) to answer some questions about the differences between raising twins and a singleton. KN: Which was harder, being 8 months pregnant with twins or 9 months pregnant with your baby? Lulu: Definitely 9 months pregnant with the baby. KN: Really? Lulu: Yes, because being pregnant with the twins, I was on bed rest and didn’t have … Continue reading

Parenting Multiples: The Strain of Always Having to Share

My twins are almost three and now that I’m out of the fog of sleep deprivation and constant feedings, diaper changes, and other baby care duties–I have to say that having twins is a blast. Someone asked me recently if there was anything remarkable about the way they developed verses how singletons develop and what was the hardest part of parenting multiples. No doubt, had you asked me one year ago I would’ve answered that sleep deprivation was the hardest part of parenting multiples. By 5 or 6 months, all of my children woke once in the middle of the … Continue reading

How to Ask for a Discount When Buying Twins’ Clothing

All of my children have hit some sort of rare and unprecedented growth spurt this season and we desperately needed to buy clothes. It always seems worse when I’m buying clothes for twins though. In fact, when stores see me, I often get assigned a personal shopper who goes through and helps me pick stuff out and then puts my selections aside. Nope–a personal shopper doesn’t cost extra. They are happy to have your money and they know you’ll spend more if your hands are free and you aren’t frustrated. In fact, that’s another tip for moms with twins–if you … Continue reading


There is no doubt that twins cause a serious impact on finances. I think most people automatically think about double the diapers, two strollers and two car seats. . .not to mention feeding and clothing two (or more) little bundles of joy! On top of that, many mothers of multiples take longer leave to accommodate twins in the NICU, and some families (like ours) find that going back to work in any type of capacity simply isn’t feasible. If mom does go back to work and there isn’t an adult to stay home with the babies, add child care costs … Continue reading

How Attachment Parenting Ideals Change with Twins

I was recently with a group of moms and one of them asked me this question: How can you possibly live up to the attachment parenting ideals with twins? I think it’s a valid question, but it requires a paradigm shift in what we think attachment parenting actually is. What is Attachment Parenting? There are already some good articles on this site about attachment parenting and what it encompasses. I think the problem in envisioning how someone might parent twins this way is that we’ve tended to narrow the AP style down to certain behaviors (like slinging, breastfeeding and co-sleeping … Continue reading

Two Tricks for Feeding Solids to Twins

This is not really a blog on the what, and when of starting solid foods. I’ve written several articles on starting solids with babies and I’ve linked them below. That aspect of starting solids is no different than starting with a singleton. However, when you have twins, you quickly learn that you need an extra set of hands that are frequently not available. You need one hand to feed one infant, another hand to feed the other, and a third hand to wipe up the ensuing messes. Since I have yet to meet a three handed woman, I thought I’d … Continue reading

Gift Giving for Twins at Christmas

I realize that most of my readers don’t have twins or multiples. But since I do, I feel compelled every once in awhile to write something specifically geared towards those families! Christmas time, at least for us, has presented a unique set of challenges for the twins. Our girls’ were six months old for their first Christmas–hardly at an age where gift giving really mattered. If people had given the wrapped empty boxes they would’ve been equally happy. In fact, based on my experience with five children, I would venture to say that if your child is younger than about … Continue reading

Babies Help Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy

A new program is sweeping Boys and Girls clubs around the nation, aiming its message at participants who are ages 11 to 13. Computerized babies, that look, feel, and cry–just like the real thing, are being offered through a “Real Skillz Parenting Course.” (And no, skillz is not a typo.) Each $500 baby comes programmed to cry periodically for various pre-programmed reasons and the participant must correct the problem in order to make the doll stop crying. The kids have the infants from 9am to 3pm for a period of two weeks and the goal of the program is to … Continue reading

Why I Wouldn’t Wish Twins on Anyone

Don’t get me wrong. . .I love my twins. I am definitely one of those people who considers it a double blessing to have twins. In fact, it kind of rubs me the wrong way when I hear someone say, “Uh oh, double trouble.” So it’s not that I’m saying that it’s horrible to have twins. However, it seems to me that there’s this trend towards wanting them. They are the coolest accessory around. I’m constantly running in to people that gush over my good fortune. As reproductive technology advances and becomes more feasible, I hear more and more people … Continue reading

The Perks of Having Higher Order Multiples?

In June the world saw it’s first double sextuplet birth. Two mothers, in two separate states, gave birth to sextuplets on June 11th. The Morrisons, a couple in Minnesota gave birth at 20 weeks via c-section. The Masche’s gave birth at 30 weeks and 4 days (this is a very long pregnancy for sextuplets) also via c-section. (On a side note, can you imagine pushing out 6 babies? Really no one can. . .sextuplets are always delivered via c-section.) Sadly for the Morrisons, five of their six sextuplets died. The remaining sextuplet remains in the hospital in critical condition. To … Continue reading