Bad Parenting: Parents Give At Home Tatoos

In case you don’t know, tattooing a minor is illegal in the State of Georgia. It is illegal in most other states too. In addition, most states also mandate that tattoos be done by a certified professional.

Jacob Bartels and Patty Marsh were unaware of these laws. Imagine their surprise when after tattooing crosses on six children aged 10 to 17 when they were arrested and hauled off to jail.

The crime was reported by the biological mother of two of the children that the Bartels had custody of. The tattoos were administered over thanksgiving and when a couple of the children visited their mother after Christmas, she called the police and DFACS.

The ‘Mother’ of the children made several statements in defense of their actions.

“We didn’t even break the skin barely,” said Marsh, “they are very tiny, just through a few layers, on the top, they will fade away, that’s how minuscule this is.”

“Shouldn’t I have say so over what goes on in my child’s life,” said Marsh, “I have custody of my child, I’m not going to hurt my child.”

The kids were begging for the tattoos.

She did not know it was illegal to tattoo children

Perhaps they should have taken the approach many reasonable parents take when kids ask for tattoos. Tell them to wait until they are 18 and if they still want one you will help them find a reputable tattoo artist.

The ‘parents’ are currently out on bond and are facing cruelty to children charges.

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