Balancing Blogging and Mothering

I squinted to make sense of scattered letters through the glare on my screen.  Focused attempts at deciphering HTML became distracted by bursts of giggling from the other side of my window.  Rejoicing from finally making a text box that scrolled, I missed a small excited voice asking me to “look at me”.  Dripping hair and sopping wet footsteps ran inside to beckon me to join their mini water park complete with a blow up monkey pool.  Promising just five more minutes I shooed away wet fingers from my computer.  Next I looked up and the time for sprinklers, popsicles, and water slides were over. I missed the opportunity to be part of that fun filled memory.
Maybe you are missing from memories you regret.  Maybe you are struggling with finding a balance.  Blogging can overwhelm you with branding, social media, finding a niche, promotions, and networking.  Filing your fingers through your hair, you may wonder, how other bloggers find the time and how to achieve more pageviews.  Every ounce of blogging takes time and dedication.  How can you achieve it all, discerning opportunity from distraction, with children at your feet and laundry piled high?
The answer is simpler than we realize.  Priorities, order, and the ability to let go and leave your blogging in God’s hands.  Honor the blessing of motherhood by being present in your children’s lives.  Some blog for a hobby or a high tech answer to keeping a journal.  But some have found blogging to be lucrative for their families.  Blogging can provide many blessings and opportunities.  Yet, it can dishonor blessings if not confined in its proper place.  If you use blogging as a means to provide in some way than give it the respect it deserves and set office hours.  Explain to your family that this is what mommy does to help provide and she needs focused time to place the proper energy into it.  If God provided you a platform, then by all means use it.  However, God also gave you a role for His use;  mother.
Make the commitment.  Children do not interrupt blogging, blogging interrupts mothering.