Bedtime for Devices

I was always one of those parents who had a bag full of “nevers.”  You know what I mean.  “I will never allow my child to…”  Fill in the blank.

It’s so easy before you have children to say what you will never do.  And it’s just as easy when they are young to say what you will never do when they get older.

Sure, some of my “nevers” I have stuck to.  But there have been a few I tossed to the side.  And in all honesty, at times it was a matter of not wanting to battle.

One of my earlier “nevers” was, “I will never allow a television in my child’s bedroom.”  That one went out the window.  At the same time, it has never really been an issue.  Of course, part of the reason is the strict parental controls that were set.

Regardless, none of my children are really big TV watchers.  In fact, my daughter no longer has her television hooked up in her bedroom.

But there is one child who plays video games constantly, right up until bedtime.  I would try to explain how you can’t possibly relax before falling asleep with all of the noise and action of the game.

Turns out I’m right.  New research has just come out that backs me up.  It was found that children and teens who play video games, watch television or use the computer before bedtime, have more trouble falling asleep than those who don’t.

I know, I know.  Who needs research to state the obvious?

What it comes down to is not only implementing a bedtime for the kids, but one for technology as well.  It means shutting it down, putting it away or in my case, taking it away because rules weren’t being followed.

If you haven’t considered setting a bedtime for your child’s devices, perhaps you should.  When they rest, so do our children.