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Beyonce Can’t Catch a Break

Although young, beautiful and talented, it seems as if Beyonce simply cannot catch a break.  The singer gave birth to her first child, daughter Blue Ivy, last January.  But, before she gave birth, there was a rumor going around that she wasn’t really pregnant and that she had a surrogate carrying the baby after an Australian interview seemed to show her baby belly deflate upon sitting.

Then, there was controversy over the fact that Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z reportedly dropped $1.3 million to reserve the entire floor of the Lenox Hospital where Blue Ivy was born.  Parents claimed that they couldn’t see their newborns because of tight security.

The singer received flack last month for lip-synching the national anthem at Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration.  She was outed by the Marine Corps Band rep of all things, who said the track was prerecorded, but the band didn’t know why.  Beyonce finally ‘fessed up to the lip-synching and I am thinking it is because no one wants to screw up the national anthem at the presidential inauguration!

Just as we thought that was settling down – a new controversy.  Beyonce performed live this past Sunday at Super Bowl XLVII.  But, at the end of the performance, she flashed a sign with her hands and the whole world went crazy.

The sign was her holding her hands together to form a sort of diamond or pyramid shape.  But – gasp – that is the symbol for the Illuminati, that one-world cult of elite politicians, royalty, celebrities and everyone else that has a lot of money and wants to control the working class.  Or, so it goes.

After all, being worth about $80 gazillion, Beyonce and Jay-Z would surely qualify to be part of the Illuminati, right?

Well, maybe, but it is more likely Beyonce was just giving a shout out to her baby daddy, Jay-Z, whose record company, Roc-a-fella, uses a diamond symbol.

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