Bills, Bills, Bills!

This time of year it seems like the bills really start to pile up. There are normal bills like rent, utilities, and food, but now you have the additional Christmas bills as well. As a single mom who is barely making it as it is it can really put a damper on your holiday spirit.

If you’re wondering how you are possibly going to make it this Christmas season, you may be tempted to pull out the credit card. Before you resort to plastic look around and see if there might be some other options, rather than spending all that extra money in interest and credit card fees. Believe it or not the dollar store has some great toys and all for only a dollar. I got Logan a couple puzzles, a dart gun, and some cute coloring books for only about five or six dollars. You can also find some pretty inexpensive things on sites like amazon or ebay. I’ve gotten several movies for Logan for only a few dollars. All these things provide countless hours of entertainment all without breaking my budget. Last year I was even able to get both of our stockings at the dollar store. They also have great candy and stocking stuffers for cheap. It takes a little bit more effort to find deals that fit the budget of a single mom, but it is far better than paying the extra interest fees that come with putting Christmas on a credit card.

Don’t let your financial struggles keep you from enjoying the holiday season. Instead try to remember the true meaning of Christmas, rather than the commercialized version that has become so prevalent in our society. Christmas is about more than the material gift giving. It is about spending time with loved ones and being thankful for all the many blessings you get to enjoy all year round. Help keep your children focused on the true meaning of the season rather than the gifts they want this year. Christmas has a far deeper meaning than Santa Claus.